OFFBLAK is the new tea brand you need to know

offblak tea

Elevate your tea game with OFFBLAK, taking the UK’s favourite drink and turning it on its head. Aiming to rewrite the rules of tea, OFFBLAK is like no tea brand we’ve seen before, and they threw a banging event in Shoreditch to ensure we know that.

Let’s talk about the range. Spanning twelve different flavours, you can throw your traditional idea of English Breakfast with a splash of milk out the window, because you won’t be finding that with OFFBLAK. Broken up into four varieties: Caff Free, Glow, Chill Out and Fully Charged, there are exciting blends within each to really tempt your taste buds. We literally couldn’t pick only one favourite, but if we had to narrow it down our top picks would be Future is Pink earl grey and rose, Wild at Heart strawberry and pink peppercorn and Just Dessert mint and chocolate.

Not only are the flavours incredible, but the packaging is 10/10. The super sleek boxes have been cleverly designed to be able to slot through letterboxes, making them easy to order online and have them delivered with no hassle. Each of the four varieties has its own unique colour and boasts super fun graphics on them that you’ll love displaying in the kitchen.

To celebrate their launch, OFFBLAK held at an immersive event at Protein Studios in Shoreditch. Each of the four varieties was brought to life with a playful interaction, like a vibrant pink swing set, a palm tree and pool toy photo station and a giant Zen garden. There was also a station where you could try all the teas (and trust us, we tried every one!) so you could pick your fave to take away with you.

offblak tea

OFFBLAK teas are available to purchase from their website for £4.99. If you want to try before you buy, you can get a free sample sent to your door here.

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