OzHarvest // The Great Food Rescue Race

OzHarvest has paired with Santos to create an amazing and fun new initiative – The Great Food Rescue Race.

Since launching four years ago, OzHarvest has grown to rescue and deliver around forty-five tonnes of food wastage a week from local produce businesses, which then creates 130,000 meals that are given to people in need around Adelaide.

The Great Food Rescue Race will see registered teams compete against each other to rescue food and participate in a number of challenges across the CBD, all while raising funds for this great cause and celebrating the amazing local food culture we have here in South Australia.

Keith Conlon finding one of the yellow OzHarvest signs

Keith Conlon Finding One Of The Yellow OzHarvest Signs

The State Manager of OzHarvest Hayley Everuss believes the event celebrates the amazing food, sense of community and the local businesses Adelaide boasts.

The Great Food Rescue Race is all about celebrating the things that make Adelaide such a great place to live – we love our food, our neighbours, our sense of community, and we rightly are so proud of the amazing food businesses that are making a big name for themselves from here.”

On the creation of this new event, Everuss wanted to help build something annual that helps people connect with the local produce but also help others that are less fortunate.

“We wanted to create a regular annual event that helps to connect people with that – to feed their inner foodie while also helping people who are finding it hard to fill their plate.”

To officially launch The Great Food Rescue Race, OzHarvest and Santos created a mini race for media to try their hand at food rescuing.

Another Yellow Sign Hiding At The Adelaide Central Markets

Another Yellow Sign Hiding At The Adelaide Central Markets

To get into the spirit of the event, participants were given bright yellow t-shirts featuring the OzHarvest logo and divided into teams.

Kristen Byass, representing The Adelaidian, then hurried away from the starting point of the Hilton Balcony Room and made her way to The Adelaide Central Markets with a team led by the spirited Keith Conlon.

Their challenge was to run around the lanes and collect big yellow OzHarvest signs from certain stalls as fast as possible, all while trying not to be tempted by the wonderful smells of cheese and other amazing fresh goods at The Adelaide Central Markets.

One Of The Teams Working To Arrange The Words Into A Sentence

One Of The Teams Working To Arrange The Words Into A Sentence

Once they had collected all the signs, they had to work together to arrange the words on the back to form a sentence, take a photo and hurry back to the Hilton.

Overall it was tonnes of fun and we can’t wait to see how the full event goes! Registration has opened, and teams of five can register here.

At only $50pp, The Great Food Rescue Race is going to be an exciting afternoon of food-themed activities that will help feed vulnerable men, women and children across Adelaide!

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