Photo Diary: Harvey the Label meets Peggy Porschen in London

In the second instalment of our ‘exploring London’s most Instagrammable cafes’ adventures, we uncovered the undeniably pretty ‘n’ pink Peggy Porschen Cakes in Belgravia. Having visited the area on a delightfully sunny Sunday, we soon realised we had chosen the perfect spot to bask in a little London sunshine.

You see, if there’s one thing we took away from our visit to Belgravia, it’s noting that this entire district of West London is a serious blogger’s paradise. You’ll find store fronts left, right and centre simply screaming extravagance, with radiant floral decor artfully arranged to frame the doorways and windows. From Moyses Stevens floristry, to Les Senteurs fragrance house, everywhere is an Insta opportunity.

Having recently received a parcel of summer clothing from South Australian fashion favourite Harvey the Label, we could not wait to hop into our brand new OOTDs and get shooting in the streets of London. What made our excitement grow even further was seeing the London weather forecast climbing from singular digits to a sweltering 28 degrees celsius; could the timing have been more perfect?! We styled our  Sahara print co-ord sets and called up our brunch gal Monika (@elairecreates), making our way to the Insta-famous Peggy Porschen to get creating some Insta-worthy content.

And sure enough, as predicted, this gorgeous pastel pink cafe provided the perfect backdrop to our black and white print Harvey sets. Scroll down to suss our photo diary snapped by Monika!

If you’ve got any suggestions for our next Insta shoot in London, we’d love to know. Shoot us a message on Instagram via @theadelaidian!

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