Photo Diary: Road trip to Pt Lincoln

The other week we embarked on a road trip up to Port Lincoln for an adventurous holiday with the wonderful team at Adventure Bay Charters. On our way, we made some quick photo stops and found ourselves whisked away by an incredible sight: the Lochiel Pink Salt Lake.

A dreamy pink landscape against a clear blue sky made for a surreal experience in what felt like a completely different planet at the Lochiel lake. We also just so happened to stumble across an abandoned, rickety old chair which we used as a quirky prop.

Coltish Boutique were kind enough to provide us with the outfits for this photoshoot; Kristen wears a two-piece combo, combining the Amelius ‘Feather Pant’ and a playful white crop, and Mel wears the floaty Jaase ‘Annabelle’ playsuit. We also accessorised our outfits with hats from Coltish, wearing the ‘Spencer Fedora’ and gigantic straw hat ‘The Russo’, both by Lack of Colour.






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