Quench your thirst this summer with 2kw’s new cocktail menu

Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with a cocktail or two at our favourite rooftop bar and restaurant, 2kw?

Having officially launched their summer cocktail menu as of last week, 2kw will be bringing the ultimate summer loving vibes into the new year.

The menu has been trialled and tested to perfection by 2kw’s cocktail connoisseurs Jake Williams and Josh Mack, offering distinctly unique flavours and spins on some classics.

Josh Mack and Jake Williams presenting 2kw's summer cocktail menu

Josh Mack and Jake Williams presenting 2kw’s summer cocktail menu

“Jake Williams and I wanted a list for summer that could would be well balanced and using fresh ingredients seasonal fruits,” explains Josh, “We also chose a few cocktails we knew would bring new flavours to our customers they may not have experienced yet… We do this with the use of vermouths/shrubs/pickled fruits/syrups and few other secret techniques.”

“The main thing for us at 2KW is finding what the customer wants whether it be a classic cocktail they’ve tried before or looking for something new.”

2kw's cocktail launch

2kw’s cocktail launch

The launch was held on a sunny Sunday, with live acoustics out on the terrace and a whole lot of delicious canapes. Coming into the warmer weather, 2kw is without a doubt the ultimate destination for a boozy Sunday session, especially with it’s LA-style cabanas and weekly live entertainment. You don’t necessarily have to head to the bay to soak up that summer sun in style!

We first tried the delectable Two Lifts cocktail, named after 2kw’s infamous two-lift situation. Having to hop onto one elevator, only to hop off again and onto another to actually get to the restaurant sounds like a silly idea at first, but 2kw has definitely made it cool. This cocktail infuses a daring yet miraculously delicious mixture of Aperol, Chartreuse and Vermouth, settling at a summery red-orange colour.

Snacking on tasty canapes to break up our cocktail tasting

Snacking on tasty canapes to break up our cocktail tasting

The crowd favourite was without a doubt the K.I Buzz, offering a refreshing combination of gin, lemon and Kangaroo Island Lingurian Honey. This moreish drink was quite the throat soother, with the sweet Lingurian Honey coming out as its most distinct flavour. A perfect balance between sweet and sour, we think the K.I Buzz is our new summer go-to!

Crowd favourite, the K.I Buzz

Crowd favourite, the K.I Buzz

The Pickled Pineapple Whisky Smash was an excellent example of the way in which warmer, heavier spirits such as whisky can still be incorporated into a summer menu; it’s not all about white spirits and sweet drinks this season! While the pineapple served for some sweetness in this genius concoction, it was the smokey flavours of the Connemara whiskey that remained prominent, particularly in the after-taste. If you’re after a drink that seamlessly  balances both sweet and savoury, the Pickled Pineapple Whisky Smash is for you.

Put some hair on my chest, hey?

Put some hair on my chest, hey?

We finished with the Montenegro Sour, which was probably the best choice for a dessert cocktail considering its creamy chocolate flavour profile. Complete with shavings of Haigh’s Chocolate to garnish, this cocktail was a rich and fulfilling treat to finish our evening at 2kw’s cockail menu launch.

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