Rimmel London Has The Solution To Your Eyeliner Problems

Rimmel's Volume Colourist Mascara and Colour Precise Eyeliner

I love the saying, ‘May your day be magical and your eyeliner be forever even’. Okay I made that up but honestly my problems when getting ready all revolve around one thing; an eyeliner crisis. I know we have all been there. The joy you feel when one eye is practically at a Taylor Swift cat eye perfection level but the disappointment when the other resembles Little J when she went on one of her many rebellious streaks.

When I was handed a package containing the Rimmel London Volume Colourist Mascara and two Colour Precise Eyeliners, I couldn’t wait to try them out and prance around exclaiming, ‘Get the London look.’ from beneath my messy hair a-la-Kate Moss.

The Volume Colourist Mascara

The Volume Colourist Mascara

I’m no stranger to Rimmel London as I have used several products since my preteen Girlfriend Magazine days. I still own and regularly use their mirror gloss, several mascaras and can always rely on a kohl black eye pencil for a quick and easy smoky eye.

I decided to channel my Georgia May Jagger and do a classic cat eye with a sharp wing for a night out using the Colour Precise eyeliner in black paired with the Volume Colourist Mascara. I also lined the bottom of my waterline with the white colour precise eyeliner to make my eyes appear bigger and more awake (I had started work at 6am that morning).

I personally prefer not to wear false eyelashes as I don’t find them comfortable. I’m always looking for black mascara, which will enhance the thickness and length of my lashes without clumping. The Volume Colourist Mascara is like a flawless fake tan for your lashes. This wonder product that doesn’t break the bank is the first of its kind from Rimmel London. The mascara not only loads your lashes with an instant jet-black impact but it gradually tints them thanks to the semi-permanent formula. Just two weeks of regular usage should make your bare lashes look darker and more visible from root to tip.

Colour Precise Eyeliner in black and white

Colour Precise Eyeliner in black and white

The Colour Precise Eyeliner provides up to twenty four hours wear and luckily is sweat and humidity proof making it perfect for those who are a little too enthusiastic on the dance floor. The tip of the Colour Precise Eyeliner has a very sharp point which helped me to achieve a clean and flawless line. Besides the easy application process, the longevity of the liner is also perfect for someone like little old nana me, who at 10pm is already yawning and rubbing her tired eyes.

The winning part for me was that the eyeliner and mascara came off easily with make-up remover, so I could wake up with darker, fuller lashes without looking like a panda. Believe me, I have frightened myself and most family members numerous times with my reflection while dragging myself to the Nespresso machine on a Sunday morning.

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You can find Rimmel stocked at Priceline around Australia.

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