Stone’s Throw launches their new bar

With Winter now well and truly on its way, you may be inclined to spend more nights in than venture out into the cold. If only there were something out there good enough to entice you to take off those ugg boots and step into something a little more stylish… enter Stone’s Throw.

Stone’s Throw may have only been in existence for a short time, but it is already innovating and changing to ensure an enjoyable and sophisticated dining and drinking experience. The latest innovation is their new bar, situated at the very front of the venue. The elegant bar stretches the length of the first third of the building, clad in light blue tile and with a modern, concrete bar top. The industrial style materials are juxtaposed by the warm, dim lighting and plant life that decorates the interior. It is not only a stylish and modern setting, but a comfortable and even cosy haven that provides perfect shelter from the winter cold.

Inside Stone's Throw

Inside Stone’s Throw

And the warmth doesn’t stop there. The staff at Stone’s Throw are friendly, welcoming and very knowledgable of their products. They will talk you through their wine list and will happily recommend something that suits your taste and, if you choose to dine as well, something that complements your meal.

The bar showcases a number of local wine and spirits – gin in particular – but also has some European wine that matches well with the modern Mediterranean cuisine of the restaurant. It is this attention to detail that places Stone’s Throw in a different league from any other bar; it adds an heir of finesse that can only be achieved by those with a clear passion for the industry.

Anyone for a G&T?

Anyone for a G&T?

The level of sophistication is evident in every aspect of this venue, from the knowledge of the staff and the stylish outfitting to the delicate glassware and delicious drinks. But what is best about Stone’s Throw is that the sophistication does not offset the atmosphere. Ultimately, this is a fun, friendly place where you cannot help but relax and unwind. It is a perfect place to come for a few drinks and dinner as well, so make sure you put Stone’s Throw on your list of places to visit this month.


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