The Adelaidian’s Fringe Guide for 2017

From the 17th of February until the 19th of March there’s nowhere else in the world that we’d rather be than Adelaide. The streets literally come alive with art installations, parties, music, performance and loads more as travellers and local Adelaidians alike flock to the Adelaide Fringe.

With over 1300 shows spanning across 12 genres and only 4 weeks in which to see them all, it’s hard to know which shows to book. Kristen, Georgina and Taylah have scoured the Fringe Guide tirelessly for hours on end and picked their top 3 shows that they can’t wait to see this year.

Kristen Byass’ Top Picks

Anya Anastasia: Rogue Romantic
28 Feb – 19 March
Anya Anastasia’s Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death was the first Fringe show I saw last year, and it set the standards impossibly high for every show I saw after that. The cabaret star is bringing her Edinburgh Fringe-debuted new show Rogue Romantic to the Royal Croquet Club and I am practically sitting on my hands in excitement. The show follows Anya’s musings about falling in and out of love, as well as the inner battle between her two personalities: the writer and the diva. Anya’s impressive vocals, clever humour and soaring stage presence is guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout every show she performs.

17 Feb – 19 March
Before the cult movie, Trainspotting was adapted from the book for the stage. It shocked, disgusted and left audiences rolling around in fits of laughter, and that’s why it became so successful. The iconic story tells of a crazy band of derelicts living through the Edinburgh heroin scene of the 80s, raves and all. If you’re a huge fan of the book, movie, or just looking forward to T2, make sure you head along to this crazy Fringe show that promises to be 75 minutes of pure hilarity.

Dave Callan: Every Video Clip Ever 
28 Feb – 12 March
If you think watching a giant, bearded Irish man don tights and perform the complete ‘Single Ladies’ dance in perfect sync with his incredible backup dancers gets tiring after a while, you’re wrong. The last 3 years of the Fringe (and once while very hungover at Falls Festival) I have witness Dave Callan nail every hair flip, every pirouette and every booty drop with finesse and a side of comedy. This year Dave Callan will attempt to recreate all the greatest video clips ever with the help of his backup dancers, and I can guarantee you’ll want to be there to witness it.

Taylah Minchington’s Top Picks

The Magnets: Can You Feel It?
17 Feb – 19 March
I must admit I am addicted. Over the years I have seen four shows and counting of this award-winning British acapella group. Returning to the Fringe this year with a show full of electric covers and original songs, The Magnets will have you tapping your feet away to their six part harmonies. Think Pitch Perfect live, a must see.

Wil Anderson: Critically Wil
17 Feb – 19 March
Sharp, witty and so bloody Australian. Last year’s show Fire at Wil discussed serious and important political and social issues such as his hilarious yet informed take on the debate around Australia Day’s date. One of the country’s finest comedians and host of ABC’s Gruen programs, this 60 minute show will leave you with a belly ache. From laughing.

Matt Tarrant: Honestly Dishonest
17 Feb – 19 March
You may remember Matt Tarrant from the sandy Samoa beaches in Channel 10‘s 2016 revamped reality show Survivor. A magician and mentalist, Matt will amaze you with his biggest show yet. Matt promises to fool you with his mind games and make you question everything in the show, but hey at least he is honest and upfront about that. This intimate and interactive show runs for a month, but tickets are selling fast.

Georgina Tselekidis’ Top Picks

17 Feb – 19 March
One of the first shows to catch my attention in the Adelaide Fringe guide was SOAP – a contemporary and innovative acrobatic display of physical theatre mixed with cabaret. After a hit performance at the Adelaide Fringe in 2015, SOAP is unlike anything one will witness on stage – think bathtubs filled with water and soap, performers emerging to the sound of eclectic tunes, showcasing striking and dazzling gymnastic routines. If you’re interested in seeing SOAP, checkout the YouTube clips to get a glimpse of what’s in store, you won’t be disappointed by this original masterpiece.

A Night in Paris II
24 Feb, 4 – 5 March, 18 March
You could say that I’m a little Paris obsessed, so the words PARIS jumped at me whilst flicking through the Fringe guide. A Night in Paris II is returning after a 4.5 star sell-out season at last year’s Adelaide Fringe. The band is fronted by local singer Louise Blackwell, and accompanied by her stellar band The French Set. Paris, known as the city of love and the home of creativity, is where Louise discovered the beautiful variety of French music, or variete francaise, working as a singer in the Paris jazz scene. With this, Louise brings Adelaide a little slice of this beautiful place, performing much loved tracks by Georges BrassensJacques BrelEdith PiafJosephine BakerJean SablonCharles TrenetSerge Gainsbourg, among others.

18 March – 19 March
Who doesn’t love the sweet sounds of Michael Buble? Yes we’re all guilty of singing along as Christmas approaches, but what about the remaining 11 months of the year? Don’t they deserve a little Buble too? Well, BP Entertainment has brought us a delightful tribute to the Grammy Award winning singer Michael Buble, performing favourite songs from his eight album recording catalogue.

Images sourced from the Adelaide Fringe website

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