The Gallery’s Winter Warmers

Walking into rooftop bar and restaurant The Gallery on a cold winter’s night, you wouldn’t typically think of it as an escape from those winter chills. However, The Gallery’s toasty set-up and fairy-lit sheltering make the venue a totally winter-friendly space, with the added splendour of urban cityscape views and art projections.

We were invited to try The Gallery’s brand new hearty winter additions, including some tender meats, roast vegetables and delicious earthy flavours. Treating ourselves to a few cocktails on arrival, the tangy Charlie Chaplain particularly tickled our tastebuds, infusing a textural blend of Haymen’s sloe gin, apricot brandy, lime and egg white.



Our first starter was a plate of slow-cooked duck ‘cigars’, which is just fancy terminology for ‘the best spring rolls ever’. Completed with cabbage, carrot, coriander, fried shallot and topped off by a sweet yet sour Asian sauce, we wished the plate was never-endless.

The next was a southern style entree, incorporating delightfully crisp and mildly spicy chicken tenders, smoked chipotle corn relish, cucumber ribbon salad and moist house corn bread. It was interesting combining chicken tenders with corn bread, but the pairing worked spectacularly, and the relish’s flavour notes were suited to both. The chicken had a great crunch and was impeccably seasoned – we definitely couldn’t choose a favourite between our two starters!



Our first main was the roast pumpkin wedges, including saffron lebneh, toasted cashew nuts and spiced honey. This particular dish is notably trending right now; we’ve noticed a few other venues such as Royal Croquet Club endorse the earthy roast pumpkin dish. It almost strips back to basics by relying on the flavour of the vegetable to really carry it through. Although we can’t say we are the biggest fans of simple roasted vegetables, complexity is added with the creamy, rich saffron lebneh and honey, giving this rustic dish a bit more dimension.


Roast Pumpkin

Slow-cooked meats are undoubtedly a winter must and, along with the duck cigars, The Gallery’s new lamb rump dish comes scrumptiously slow-cooked, highlighting a truly soft tenderness. The lamb comes with all the added elements separated on the plate, so that you can mix and match flavours to your tastebuds accordingly. This includes the likes of broccoli mousse (tastier than it sounds!), pumpkin puree, confit cocktail potato and shiraz jus.


The Gallery is located 30 Waymouth Street, so it is in the ultimate location for some after work drinks or a quick lunch break. Head on over this cold season and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the cosy atmosphere and new meals on offer!

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