The Places You’ll Go

The Places youll go

I’ve enjoyed theatre ever since my best friend brought me along to his drama plays and rehearsals back in year eight. There’s something incredibly charming about this classic form of art, which draws in every time. The Places You’ll Go was no exception to this.

The Places You’ll Go is written by Hila Ben Gera, founder and Artistic Director of Lama Theater Company, and experienced performer. It is directed by Cassandra Fumi, who fell in love with the story whilst in a tech box, in London. The dark comedy follows two postmen as they embark on a journey to change their luck. There are a number of things the play touches on, some of these being monotony, conformity, joy, and the pursuit to find what’s missing in life.

Without spoiling too much, I’ll say that I found The Places You’ll Go to be positively quirky, and as captivating as it was unpredictable. The cast (Grace Lowry, Alex Roe, Sean Rees, Tom Halls and Hila Ben Gera) all gave great performances filled with energy — and how could you not when you have experience as extensive as theirs? From past plays to TV and film, the stars of Places You’ll Go are without-a-doubt brimming with talent.

The Places You’ll Go continues running until the 17th of March. For further details you can visit or head on over to the official Fringe website!

We rate: ★★★★★ 5/5 stars

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