The Silhouettes Cabaret Show

Local dance trio and dance virtuosos, The Silhouettes, performed their one-night-only cabaret show this week at the Arkaba Hotel as part of the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, wowing the crowd with their high kicks and quick splits.

Guests were seated on candlelit tables with a fantastic view of the stage, each table being greeted personally by the elegant and talented singer Jacqui Yeo dressed in glamorous 1920’s formal attire.


Opening the night with a lively samba routine, the three professional dancers Rachel MifsudGeorgina Dean and Amanda Hodgson immediately set a high standard for the rest of the night as they danced ever so energetically in unison with one another, encouraging the audience to clap along to the beat.

Having initially been trained in tap, ballet and jazz, each of the girls had extreme technical precision yet also managed to put their own little spins and exude their individual personalities into their choreography.

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The girls certainly did not disappoint. They used the entire floor space immaculately, engaging every now and then with a member of the audience and keeping symmetry in their positioning in the most mesmerising manner. It was truly a well-rehearsed piece!

The Beyonce routine, sexy and sleek, was quite the crowd-pleaser, encompassing various Beyonce-inspired dance moves as well as the girls’ own choreography. You can never really go wrong with a Beyonce number!

During intervals between costume changes, guests were treated to the sound of some excellent classics sung by the lovely hostess and singer, Jacqui Yeo, who charmed the crowd with her beautiful voice, strong accent and witty remarks.


The favourite routine of the night would have had to be the powerful tango performance to Roxanne from popular Baz Luhrmann classic, Moulin Rouge. In red and black flowing dresses, the girls engaged in a routine so fluent and unified that, at times, the three looked like they were dancing as one together. With faces so expressive you could also feel the emotion manifesting itself around the room, the dramatic three-way tango had the audience thirsting for more.

If you want to find out more about the terrific trio and keep up to date with their upcoming performances, check out their official website here or, alternatively, their Facebook page here. We definitely look forward to seeing more from these girls in the future!

Image credit: Glam Adelaide & The Silhouettes

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