The Store in North Adelaide launches all-day brunch

On Friday, we were invited into The Store on Melbourne Street in North Adelaide to try their brand new all-day brunch menu.

The Store’s accommodating staff warmly welcomed us, offering a coffee or tea on arrival. We were shown upstairs to the function space, where we were greeted by an intimate table set up for 10 and a bar serving up Bloody Mary’s and Espresso Martinis on the double. It’s worth noting Bloody Mary’s are a bargain at $10 a pop with The Store’s new all-day brunch menu… and we can confirm from first-hand experience that they’re made to absolute spicy perfection.

$10 Bloody Mary? 9:30am? It's a deal.

$10 Bloody Mary? 9:30am? It’s a deal.

Breakfast was served on quaint wooden boards, with a little taste of three of The Store’s most popular brunch options: ‘The Store’ Original Bircher Museli, Beetroot and Ricotta and Salt and Pepper Squid Salad.

The sweet Bircher Museli has apparently been made to the same recipe since The Store’s opening in 1998, described as a timeless recipe that has never been changed and never will be changed.

The Beetroot and Ricotta dish combined sourdough, poached eggs, spinach and dukkah to make a savoury vegetarian dish that is both fulfilling and more-ish.

Beetroot and Ricotta at The Store

Beetroot and Ricotta.

Finally, the Salt and Pepper Squid Salad, served with bok choy, red onion, snow peas, coriander, red capsicum and topped with an Asian-style dressing, was a healthy alternative to the conventional pub meal of Salt and Pepper Squid with a side of chips. The dish was super light in flavour, so we did find ourselves adding a little salt to intensify the flavours, but we can certainly vouch for this dish over a squid and chips style meal any day.

To find out more about The Store, head to their website here.


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