Tips for keeping your hair, lashes and brows in check during isolation

1000 hour hair tint

With lash and brow salons closed and many hairdressers choosing to follow suit, your carefully maintained appearance might be looking anything but right now. Before you freak out and start applying home bleach to your roots and over-plucking your eyebrows, let us introduce you to a few easy tips and tricks for keeping your hair, lashes and brows in check during isolation.

Hiding those pesky roots

Heed the words of literally every hairdresser ever: do. not. bleach. your. own. hair. If you want to know why, check our Brad Mondo‘s series Hairdresser Reacts on Youtube. Spoiler: it ends badly for almost everyone. Aside from the fact if it all goes terribly wrong you can end up with next to no hair and actual scalp burns, even if you do manage to pull off the bleaching process, the toning/ dying is a whole other ballgame.

Luckily, 1000 Hour have a handy range designed to cover up grey hair and emerging roots, perfect for a quick touch-up before an important Zoom meeting with your boss. There are loads of application options, from a brush-on tinted powder, hair colour mascara and hair colour stick. The last two are also waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about the colour fading away easily.

Restoring your hair to its former glory

While you’re at home, it’s time to give your hair the much-needed love it so desperately desires. From bleaching, dying, toning, heat-treating and styling, your poor hair truly goes through the wars on the regular. While you’re sitting at home, try using a deep conditioning treatment or repairing treatment for colour-treated hair. Personally, we’re big fans of alternating between L’Oreal’s Smartbond (which we leave on for half an hour under a shower cap) and Olaplex (which we leave on for at least a few hours, also under a shower cap). We both regularly bleach and colour our hair at Zink (Adelaidians, honestly the best salon if you want to change up your hair colour) and they’ve educated us on the importance of treating your hair, which is how we’re able to change it up so often without damaging it too much.

Bonus tip: try using a hair skin and nails vitamin as well, to give your hair some nutrient-loving from the inside! We’ve been taking Imdeeen Hair and Nails, but there are so many on the market. Just make sure you go with a reputable brand that has properly researched and trialled their product and ingredients, and you should be sweet.

Taming those brows

If we had a dollar for every time we hear someone say, ‘My brows are out of control!’ this iso, we’d be moderately well-off women. The key here is to not try and shape or overpluck them too much, as if the 2000s taught us anything, it’s that they DO NOT GROW BACK. Instead, just pluck away those little monobrow hairs in the middle.

If your brows are looking a little on the light and wispy side, you can use a quick and easy brow booster like the 1000 Hour Instant Brows tinted eyebrow mascara. Alternatively, 1000 Hour also have brow dye kits, which are super safe and easy to use.

Sorting out your lashes

Eyelash extension addicts, we hear your cries. Now is the perfect time to let your lashes regrow and thicken out again, which the previously mentioned hair, skin and nails vitamins should help with. If you have really light lashes, you can also try using the 1000 Hour Lash and Brow Dye Kit to darken them up to add some definition.

Alternatively, you could just forget about everything and let it all go. After all, who’s going to see you other than the postman, the food delivery guy and your besties on House Party?

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