Up your isolation relaxation with Enbacci stem cell face masks

enbacci stem call face masks

We are well and truly immersed in Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown here in Australia, and if you haven’t embraced the pyjama-wearing, tea-drinking, face-mask toting lifestyle, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Making the most of a less-than-ideal situation, we (and everyone on Instagram it seems) have been taking this time to rest up and pamper ourselves. A good-quality face mask is always an essential pamper item, and Enbacci has released a new range that uses premium technology to deliver premium results.

Proudly Australian, Enbacci is a luxury skincare brand that prides itself on being innovative and constantly scoping the beauty industry for leading technologies and ingredients. The latest addition to its range is a collection of sheet masks that utilise fruit stem cells and electrolytes to deliver optimum results.

Are you ready to get technical with us? The science behind using fruit stem cells is that they seek out and synthesise to damaged skin, mimicking the natural structure to renew and repair damage from within. In doing this, these stem cells help the mask to reverse skin damage by restoring normal cell function, hydration and radiance.

enbacci stem cell face masks

Sounds pretty good to us. We have every intention of coming out of iso looking like glowing goddesses, so we’ll be using these masks in hopes they repair some of the years of sun damage on our skin from living in Australia, as well as some of the pollution damage from living in central London.

‘What about the electrolytes?’ we hear you ask. Well, electrolytes are to hydration what retinol is to renewal. Essentially, electrolytes help the body absorb hydration by clearing water pathways, or aquaporins when we’re talking about skin. You may have had electrolytes before in your favourite sports drinks or picked up some electrolyte sachets from the pharmacy when you’ve had a tummy bug. Using them in skincare is the same concept as when you use them to hydrate your body, except it’s specifically targeted at your skin.

There are two mask options; Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Mask, which uses grape stem cells, and Age Revitalising Face Defence Mask, which uses apple stem cells. As well as that, both masks use a variety of complex and highly-researched ingredients, like potassium, sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, trehalose and acacia senegal gum.

If you’re keen to test these science-basked face masks out, you can purchase them from the Enbacci website here.

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