Tips For Shopping the Boxing Day Sales

It’s that time of year again. Despite having received tonnes of material possessions on Christmas, we are all drawn to the infamous Boxing Day sales in hopes we’ll snag luxury items at dirt cheap prices. But how do you avoid spending all your grandma’s Christmas cash on insanely cheap things you never end up using? The Adelaidian has put together a little list of tips to remember while battling your way through the masses down Rundle Mall.

Keep Calm
Step one: remember to stay calm. Yes, I know there might be 25% off at BNKR, but do you really need three more neoprene skirts? Don’t let the adrenaline take control and end up spending way more than you can afford on a bunch of things you regret.

Have A Game Plan
Go in with an idea of what you want. Need a New Years Eve Dress? Don’t come out with four pairs of shoes and no outfit. Unless you can figure out how to make four pairs of shoes work as a whole outfit, you’ll find yourself back there the next day searching the scraps for an amicable outfit. Have an image in mind of what you’re looking for and search for things in that material or colour, and you’ll find you don’t get distracted by something else you don’t need.

Check the Website
By now, most boutiques and labels have advertised via social media what sales they’ll have on tomorrow, and some have even started online today. Having a look through their stock online will help you know exactly what you want tomorrow, so you can run in and grab your size without needing to spend time being elbowed by other browsing shoppers. If you’re lucky and the item you’re after is already on sale online today, you can buy it and save yourself a trip tomorrow being surrounded by crazy bargain hunters and floods of people.

Wear Sale-Friendly Clothing
Make sure you wear something that’s easy to get on and off, as there are usually long lines for the change rooms and it’s poor shopping etiquette to spend twenty minutes in there. Try not to wear too much makeup either, as quick changes can often result in makeup transfer onto clothing which then becomes unsellable.

Check For Quality
Speaking of makeup transfer, it’s always a good idea to check every item before you purchase it. Clothes with stains, holes, missing buttons and pulled thread can end up costing more to repair than the item’s worth, rendering your sought-after bargain worthless. We’ve all been caught out by quickly purchasing sales items spontaneously, only to get home and realise the item is unwearable. Don’t make that mistake twice!

Stick to these tips, and your boxing day shopping expeditions should go flawlessly. Go forth now, and may the sales be with you!

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