To me, from me: A little lock of self-love from APM Monaco

Locks can often hold a special and symbolic meaning. We’ve all heard of the love lock, right? The idea of a love lock is to signify and strengthen a special bond between two loved ones. You’ve likely seen the colourful images of love lock bridges from around the world, bedecked with engraved locks of all different colours, shapes and sizes. Some are new and shiny, reminiscent of young love. Some are old, weathered and dull, yet still holding strong — paralleling the idea of, perhaps, a timeless marriage. While they all present unique in their own way, what they each have in common is the humanised symbolism behind them.

So, a love lock means something special to two people, whether it’s a romantic relationship or close friendship. But how about a love lock to yourself? Well, that’s how I feel about my sparkling new lock necklace from APM Monaco. The Alphabet Lock Necklace is a symbol of self-love, featuring the initial ‘M’ (for ME! Melissa) dressed in decadent zirconia stones. A glam touch of this kind is certainly very befitting of me.

It’s been a tough few months for Australians, particularly those of us in NSW. We’ve been back in a lengthy lockdown, re-adapting to that WFH lifestyle we thought (or at least were hoping) we’d long left behind in 2020. Days seem to drag on, weeks meld into one long neverending week and there’s been little motivation to keep us productive in a work sense. In these times, a little act of self-love never goes astray. And hey, if shopping for a special piece of jewellery online is your way of showing self-gratitude, then don’t hold back! You deserve it.

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