Toasting to Loro’s tasty batch-made cocktails

Loro Batch Made Cocktails

In a post-lockdown world, new options for drinking at home haven’t slowed down. From fun new pre-mixed cans popping up every week to sophisticated batch-made cocktails delivered to your door, you no longer have to learn to shake tins if you want to enjoy a well-balanced drink at home.

Orlando Marzo, World Class Bartender Of The Year 2018, has taken things a step further, creating a range of bottled cocktails under the name Loro that elevate everyone’s favourite classics. Combining his vast food and beverage knowledge and with his passion for creating innovative drinks, each cocktail is designed to challenge how the beholder thinks about flavour.

On the menu is Bergamot Negroni, Cherry & Cacao Manhattan, Coffee Cocktail (not to be confused with a run-of-the-mill espresso martini), Olive Martini and, most recently, Panettone Milk Punch.

Loro Batch Made Cocktails

Our favourite has been the Cherry & Cacao Manhattan, effortlessly blending the flavours of a Cherry Ripe with a decadent Manhattan. Stirring together Solera Rye and sweet vermouth, accompanied by cacao husk, fennel seeds and preserved cherries, it’s an uplifting drink with complex but delicious fruit flavours.

Each cocktail comes in a 200mL bottle, enough for two to enjoy the drink, or 500mL, enough for five. Already diluted, all you need to do is chill in the freezer an hour before drinking and serve with the suggested garnish on the bottle.

Presented in the most beautiful bottles, everything about the Loro experience is contemporary and stylish. It’s the kind of drink you’d be proud to bring out and serve to your friends, or gift to the host of a dinner party, knowing they’ll be truly impressed. If you are looking to gift Loro to a lucky friend, there’s also a beautiful Martini Set available, which comes with two traditional martini glasses (absolutely stunning, we’ve got ours on display on our bar cart), a 500mL bottle of Olive Martini and some boutique olives to garnish.

You can learn about everything Loro and view the range on the website.

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