Travel back to prohibition with Moonshine Saloon

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do in London? Moonshine Saloon is here to shake up the nightlife scene, combining theatre, interactive games and innovative cocktails all into one exciting evening.

Your first task is to smuggle a bottle of moonshine (or a bottle of gin from the nearest off-license will also do) into the Wild West-themed saloon without the sheriff catching you. Once you’ve been seated at a table, the creative bartenders will take your bottle(s) and whip up fun and exciting cocktails for you using the spirits.

While you enjoy your drinks, a crazy storyline is unfolding throughout the venue. Clyde Cassidy, the owner of the rustic joint you’re currently drinking in, is distilling moonshine out the back and is attempting to keep it a secret from his wife Ada and the nosy sheriff. Drama unfolds throughout the evening, and each of the characters comes around to interact with you through card games and general banter. Try as you will, none of them will break character, no matter what scenarios you throw their way!

Moonshine Saloon has two locations, in both West and East London. We visited the Chelsea location, which is open from Wednesday to Saturday, with one session in the evening during the week and two on Saturday. Tickets are £34.99 and are all-inclusive of all the cocktails they make you throughout the evening, as well as the full interactive experience. If you’re super embarrassing like us, don’t forget to take a snap of you and your mates saying ‘Yee-Haw!’ like we did several times in the video.


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