Try the ultimate free-range egg at Pony and Cole

Beyond Port Road, the suburban streets of Hindmarsh mightn’t be the first pick for many people’s next best brunch spot.

Yet, somewhere between a well-known Greek wholesaler and soccer stadium, you’ll find a brand-new eatery, Pony and Cole.

Nicolle Hahn’s dreams of opening a café have finally come to fruition and after a year of planning, the Manton Street location provides a unique space with promising potential.

With its soft colour palette and spacious warehouse vibe, Pony and Cole offer patrons a pleasant and peaceful dining experience, with an equally impressive menu to match.

For Nicolle (who’s no stranger to the food and hospo industry), the vision was to create something a little different; to move away from the standard avo-and-toast prerequisite.

Pony Breakfast

Pony Breakfast

She’s also quite passionate about cooking with fresh, seasonal products and using ethically farmed, proudly SA-made ingredients.

In particular is The Splendid Egg – sourced in the state’s South East, where the chickens are reportedly given the ultimate free-range experience at Eight Mile Creek.

The delectable ‘Eggy Pot’ dish serves their eggs up sous vide, on a bed of soft potato mash, together with toast and a side of apple jam (with optional bacon).

Eggy Pot

Eggy Pot

Although the ‘Sweet Potato Rosti’ admits to including some smashed avo, it does so a little differently. In this dish, the avocado is married with pico de galo, decorated with a chickpea dukkah and toast seems to be supplemented for a rosti – sending your taste buds on a much-needed adventure.

Sweet Potato Rosti

Sweet Potato Rosti

Taking part of its name from Nicolle herself, and the other half from her sister’s nickname ‘Pony’, Pony and Cole is committing to making food that’s got as much flavor, as it does fun – and in the least pretentious way possible.

You can find them at 6 Manton Street, Hindmarsh; opening Monday through to Friday, from 7:30am – 4pm; and on weekends, between 8am – 2:30 pm.





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