Trying out the Curious Grace Hairdryer

If you’re like me and have been blessed/cursed by the hair gods with long, thick hair (and lots of it!), you’ve probably been looking your whole life for the perfect hairdryer.

Naturally, I’ve been through my fair share of dryers in the past and have always just settled with whichever one my mum already had or was on sale at Target.

This all changed when I came across the Curious Grace’s hot pink hairdryer! I’ve been testing out this nifty little thing out for the past few weeks and have definitely made up my mind about it.

It is advertised as ‘a professional-grade hair dryer’ and features fancy ‘ionic’ drying properties, which is supposed to do less damage to your beloved tresses. It has a powerful AC motor, powering at 700km/h with two speed and three heat settings. Like most dryers these days, the Curious Grace hairdryer also comes with a cool shot button to keep your hairstyle in place once you’re done.

I found the dryer to be extremely powerful (especially for the size) and I noticed the highest heat setting doesn’t seem to be as hot as dryers I’ve used in the past. However, this is probably a good thing as less heat equals less heat damage. And the strange thing is, this dryer seems to dry in the same amount of time (or possibly even less!) than those ‘hotter’ hairdryers, probably thanks to its ‘ionic’ technology. The dryer itself is small and therefore fits very comfortably in one hand, making it perfect for girls who travel a lot.

Overall, the Curious Grace hairdryer has done wonders for my locks lately, with my after-shower hair becoming more and more soft and luscious rather than the old dry and overheated.

The Curious Grace hairdryer comes in classic black or adorable pink and can be purchased in store at Hairhouse Warehouse or online here for $99.95.

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