Venice Queens Release ‘Forget Your Mind’

Venice Queens band photographed by Dylan Minchenberg.
Venice Queens band photographed by Dylan Minchenberg.

Adding to their current singles ‘The Strut’ and ‘Tijuana’, Sam and the boys of Venice Queens have released the magic number three to their growing repertoire.

The group recently launched ‘Forget Your Mind’ at Rocket Bar & Rooftop. You can’t describe these guys with one word; their sound changes in each song and their originality ceases to impress the ears. Recorded and mixed by Reid Jones with Deep Blue Studios, their latest track expresses their ability in diverse song writing.

Sitting on a hostel’s rooftop in India with a cheap acoustic guitar, Anthony came up with the chords and vocals of the chorus. Once returning home and having their first jam as a band, he played what he’d had for the other guys. Within 15 minutes they had a song.

Anthony says ‘Forget Your Mind’ is about losing touch with your identity. “I’d hit a point a while back where I realised I wasn’t happy. There were some different factors at play, but I basically got stuck in this massive cycle of self-deprecation that led to this feeling that I wasn’t good enough. My confidence hit a massive low and I just felt pretty fucking empty, to be honest,” he says.

“I remember I sorted myself out, worked some stuff out, got out of this funk I’d been trapped in and learned to love myself again. When we put it together Sam wrote the lyrics for the verse, and they just fit so perfectly. I didn’t even have to tell him what is was about; he just nailed it.”

The video for the song ties in with its theme: starting off sombre, bare and empty, it becomes more vibrant and colourful as it progresses. “It was so much fun to shoot. Credit has to go to Harry Nelli for directing and producing it, as well as Dylan Minchenberg for his constant advice and support,” says Anthony.

Catch VQ at their next gig at Fats, playing with Cosmic Fossils and The Unknown Locals. ‘Forget Your Mind’ has also been released on Spotify.

Click here for an interview from a few months back just before the boys played their first gig together.


Image: Dylan Minchenberg

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