How to wear colour: a guide for the black on black lovers

Typically, we associate the cooler months with dark, vampy styles to coincide with the weather. We’re not quite sure who made up this deceptive guideline but times are changing, making room for some colourful winter trends. Colour has many psychological impacts, known to evoke emotion, and impact performance. On that note, a vibrant pop might be exactly what you need to cure those winter blues, all whilst making a bold and exciting statement on the streets.

However, the real issue with colour is… how? We’ve created a guide for all our fellow basic lovers out there to help make colour a little more approachable this winter.

Play with texture

Sometimes, a bit of textual contrast is needed to complete an outfit, which is a great opportunity to incorporate some colour and liven up your look. Wools and knits make adding texture easy, all whilst keeping cosy and warm without the necessity of additional layers. A bright woollen jumper paired with light denim is the perfect way to create that contrast and experiment with colour. We’d also recommend adding accents of gold to compliment these warmer tones.
Jumper: Pinterest

Keep it monotone

If you have a favourite colour, douse yourself in it! It might sound a little unseemly, but you can create plenty of simplistic, but nonetheless stylish monotone ensembles. The best way to do this is by using a variation of tints and shades of the same hue, whilst avoiding harsh patterns to keep the look wearable and soft like this combination from Bec & Bridge.
Coat: Bec & Bridge
Pants: Bec & Bridge

Add a vibrant pop of colour

If you can’t find it within yourself to switch up your black on black attire, you can still incorporate colour by adding vibrant accessories, which will stand out even more against basic tones. These extra small additions allow for creative flow and often showcase personality. Head over to JT Luxe or Little Bohemian if you’re not sure where to look! They’re both home to some gorgeous, quirky treasures. There is also a broad range of bright makeup components such as eyes-shadows, iridescent highlighters and lipsticks boasting an array of electric colours, such as Tarte Cosmetic’s Quench Lip Rescue collection.
Earrings: JT Luxe
Lipstick: Tarte Cosmetics

Make a statement

If you’re going to throw in some colour, you may as well go big, bright and crazy with a statement piece. Faux fur is one of our favourite current winter trends; a loud and modish way to dress yourself up for any occasion, whilst exuding confidence and style. We’d recommend pairing one with a plain/basic mono-toned outfit underneath to avoid any colour/ textual disagreement, drawing all eyes in the right direction.
Jacket: Unreal Fur

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