Who needs a DSLR when you have a Nokia 9 Pureview

Let’s just start this article off by answering the question on everyone’s mind: yes, the Nokia 9 Pureview does have six camera lenses on the back. While you might think it’s a little excessive, we’re here to tell you why it’s not just a gimmick, and how this revolutionary new phone makes fantastic use of this technology.

Why this new model has so many lenses is it actually takes five photos every time you press to capture, and then stitches them together to present you an image using the best of the best. This also allows you an insane amount of freedom to alter an image well after you’ve taken it, making it the perfect phone for influencers and photographers.

Like the Nokia models before it, the new Pureview boasts multiple different modes, including all the essentials like panorama, square, slow-motion and time-lapse, with contemporary new modes like bokeh and pro. A monochrome function is also available that shoots with native black and white sensors, meaning you can create a moody and creative true B&W pic.

taken on the nokia 9 pureview

Bokeh Mode

Our favourite mode would have to be the bokeh. Available as a function when using both the rear camera and the selfie camera, the Pureview gives you incredible depth of field without making it look unnatural or exaggerated. The edges of the point in focus come out wonderfully crisp, with the background having a great natural blur to it.

There’s nothing worse than taking the perfect shot when out and about, only to get home and realise it’s not perfectly in focus. Post-production functions within the gallery allow you to take the original image and actually change the focus point later, helping you get the perfect snap every time.

Pro mode is where you can really get creative. Offering you the ability to adjust the ISO, shutter speed, white balance and exposure like you would on a real camera, you can produce professional images anywhere at any time. We were lucky enough to be invited along to a photography masterclass with Alan Schaller, an amazing photographer who took us around Holborn and showed us how to use the Pureview’s pro settings. Playing around with the ISO we learned how to use backlighting to create dramatic silhouettes and how to frame phone images to make people stop and think rather than scroll past on a feed. We also experimented with bokeh mode, which came in handy when we went to breakfast after and took some snaps of the food!

taken on the nokia 9 pureview

Bokeh Mode

For those who prefer to edit their photos on a computer, the Pureview even has a RAW function, where you can shoot extremely high-quality images that allow for a crazy amount of post-production.

In all, we really can’t wait to play around with the Nokia 9 Pureview this week. We’ll be taking it out with us events to see how it performs in low lighting and how well the video footage transfer to social media!

All images taken on the Nokia 9 Pureview

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