Zoe Elizabeth SS15/16 Garden Party Launch

We had the pleasure of attending  up and coming local label Zoe Elizabeth’s exclusive garden party this past Sunday, celebrating the launch of her latest Spring/Summer 15/16 collection.

Zoe released her first ever collection in 2014, launching a line which consisted of mostly basic Spring/Summer wear. She currently designs and sews all of the garments herself, adding quite a unique and personal touch to the line of clothing.

IMG_9459 (Large)

Bright summery colours for Zoe Elizabeth SS15/16.

Having launched three collections in total, including the latest SS15/16 collection, Zoe describes her growing label as; “young and fun, devoted to making clothing for girls who are free-spirited, daring and passionate about fashion.”

When we asked Zoe about how she designs her clothes and her inspiration processes, she responded saying, “It’s just a bit of fun for the moment, but I certainly try to make sure all the clothes I design are all super versatile and can be worn both day and night.”

IMG_9460 (Large)

The clothing stall.

“I suck at finding inspiration,” she goes on to explain, “but I eventually get to a point where I’ll just ask myself, ‘What do I want this collection to be?’ and; ‘Where do I want this collection to go?’.

“From there, I’ll start making sketches and find inspiration gradually, in my own time.”

IMG_9462 (Large)

Designer Zoe Elizabeth at the launch party.

Zoe tells us that, while she only started the label as a very small, basic project, she’s looking to slowly build Zoe Elizabeth The Label up to a point where she can start selling and stocking more of her garments, and is even aiming to apply for a show in the Adelaide Fashion Festival eventually. With her own stall at the AFF Designer’s Markets this year, Zoe’s already getting her foot in the door.

IMG_9465 (Large)

IMG_9264 (Large)

Welcome to the launch of Zoe Elizabeth SS15/16!

The launch was held on the most pleasant of sunny days, with bright blue skies and warmth radiating down on us as we sipped on fruity water served in cute, customised Zoe Elizabeth drinking jars and browsed the playful clothing line.

We induldged in a genrous range of canapes, some of which Zoe cooked herself (she’s an all-round talent!), including mini pizzas, gourmet sausage rolls, savoury cocktail pastry cups and homemade biscuits for dessert.

IMG_9267 (Large)

IMG_9468 (Large)

IMG_9467 (Large)

Canapes, canapes, canapes.

Consisting of mostly bright oranges and yellows, whites and a little bit of black and blue denim, the new Zoe Elizabeth line covers all your summer needs. We just couldn’t wait to try on some of the garments!

IMG_9262 (Large)

Browsing the line.

I picked the two garments which immediately stood out to me as the perfect summer outfit, choosing a structured orange top and islet white wide-leg pants. The crop was cut to a flattering shape, enhancing the waistline with a high neckline and either side of the hemline lengthened and slightly flared.

The pants are made of islet material, making them breathable and suitable to the warm summer weather despite being long pants. Cut as shorts underneath and lengthened with the see-through islet, the pants are certainly a signature Zoe Elizabeth style, also featured in her islet jumpsuit which she professed to us as one of her favourites from the collection.

IMG_9276 (Large)

IMG_9283 (Large)

IMG_9308 (Large)

IMG_9286 (Large)

Orange crop and wide leg pant ensemble.

I then chose a short and shirt ensemble, pairing together the white shorts and a white, flowing top for that all-white look which is trending massively this spring and summer. Despite not being an outfit ideal for my recklessness (I would expect to find multiple unexplainable stains on this ensemble by the end of the day), I couldn’t get enough of this look. The shirt was a particular favourite out of the collection for me as the slits in its front and sides made this piece extremely versatile; you were able to tie it at the front, around the back or leave it free flowing to change up the look each time. The material itself was so light that it felt like I was practically wearing nothing (which definitely is a good thing for those 40 degree days we’ll be experiencing soon enough!).

IMG_9332 (Large)

IMG_9351 (Large)

IMG_9358 (Large)

IMG_9325 (Large)

IMG_9315 (Large)

Showing off the versatility of the Zoe Elizabeth top tying at the waist and left free-flowing.

Finally, I tried on a simple white dress with a daring back (business at the front, party at the back you say?). This dress can be worn during the day on the beach for an easy slip-on slip-off outfit, or can be dressed up with heels for a more classy look at a nighttime event. From the front it is a simple, loose fitting dress with a v-neck, while the back design bores a colourful, bright appearance with criss-crossing fluro back straps.

IMG_9429 (Large)

IMG_9440 (Large)

IMG_9418 (Large)

Business at the front, party at the back.

We left the garden party with our gorgeous little Zoe Elizabeth goodie bags and newly purchased items, all geared up to take on the summer! If you want to have a more of a look into her range or purchase one of the items featured above, hold out for the launch of her new collection online at http://zoeelizabeth.bigcartel.com/. Be sure to get in quick, as stock will be limited!

IMG_9463 (Large)

Yay for giftbags!

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