Newbie to the Adelaide fashion circuit, Zoe Woolmore of Zoë Elizabeth The Label is coming in hot and we urge all young fashion fanatics to keep an eye on her!

Though she’s only 20 years old, Zoe is already designing ready-to-wear collections and youthful fashion pieces, striving to constantly evolve her design techniques. Her label features some of the most wearable (and comfortable) pieces we’ve ever had the pleasure of owning, with each piece being carefully handmade by Zoe herself.

Zoe tirelessly creates whilst cooped up in the corner of her little home studio, experimenting with all sorts of materials and sewing techniques out of a true love for fashion. “As you can imagine I’ll be sewing for hours on end,” Zoe explains, “But it’s always so exhilarating to see all the designs hanging on a rack.”

As you can imagine I’ll be sewing for hours on end, but it’s always so exhilarating to see all the designs hanging on a rack.

“It was always my dream since I was little to run a fashion label, so when I finished school and went to TAFE and learnt a lot more about design, I then just decided to jump in, do it and see what happened.”

Zoe describes her label as “devoted to the passionate, daring, experimental and free-spirited”, with a versatility in style to suit women of all ages. Her latest ’16 collection, ‘Wildfire’, features mainly everyday pieces and staple wardrobe items, with the addition of a funky few special occasion pieces.

We collaborated with Zoë Elizabeth The Label to bring you a lookbook of us styling our favourite pieces from the ‘Wildfire’ collection that you can check out below.

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Mel wears the Zoë Elizabeth The Label 'Blue Jean Baby' Denim Wrap Pants paired with the 'Drifter' Black Jersey Top and the 'Sunday Afternoon' Wool Jacket.

Mel wears the ‘Blue Jean Baby’ Denim Wrap Pants, ‘Drifter’ Black Jersey Top and the ‘Sunday Afternoon’ Wool Jacket.

Mel wears the Zoë Elizabeth The Label ‘Blue Jean Baby’ Denim Wrap Pants paired with the ‘Drifter’ Black Jersey Top. She has styled this look with the ‘Sunday Afternoon’ Wool Jacket as a cape, adding a wide-brimmed black hat and black heeled boots for a casual, everyday look.

Mel: These have been some of the comfiest pants I’ve ever worn – the material is so soft and the elasticity of the waistband ensures I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and not have to unbutton a thing. The tie feature at the front has me thinking about one of my other favourite local labels, Harvey The Label, and I particularly love being able to change it up and tie it in different ways just like with my Harvey items. The top I wear is a staple wardrobe item, and can be worn tucked in or untucked thanks to a flattering hi-lo hem.



Kristen wears the 'Simple Things' black dress

Kristen wears the ‘Simple Things’ black dress

The ‘Simple Things’ is a great dress for styling, as it can be dressed up with heels and some jewellery, dressed down with some boots and a choker or layered with a top underneath and a huge overcoat. Here Kristen has styled it with a Jade and Beckett leather choker, Veronique Boutique sunglasses and a structured, black hat.

Kristen: This dress makes me think of warm, sunny days spent traipsing around festivals, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Though the ‘Simple Things’ dress seems to keep making appearances in my winter weekly outfit picks too, I can’t wait to wear this dress during the summer months where I’ll welcome the warm breeze blowing the dress around.

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Mel wears the Zoe Elizabeth 'Drifter' Black Jersey Top and 'Ruby Tuesday' Crepe De Chine Skirt.

Mel wears the Zoe Elizabeth ‘Drifter’ Black Jersey Top and ‘Ruby Tuesday’ Crepe De Chine Skirt.

Again, Mel wears the ‘Drifter’ Black Jersey Top, but this time she dresses it up wearing the ‘Ruby Tuesday’ Crepe De Chine Skirt and a pair of simple, strappy black heels.

Mel: This is a look I can see myself wearing to something like a wine tour or a long lunch; it’s the perfect balance between casual and glam. I’ve tucked the ‘Drifter’ top in at the front but have left it hanging out at the back as this really flatters my hourglass shape. I thought this skirt would be too short for my liking at first, but I instantly fell in love with it when I tried it on. The vertical pinstripes are a trending pattern right now, and the upside-down ‘V’ shape makes my legs look super long. Win!



Kristen wears the 'Blackbird' Pinstripe Apron Pant and the 'Observations' Top

Kristen wears the ‘Blackbird’ Pinstripe Apron Pant and the ‘Observations’ Top

Though the ‘Observations’ top is meant to be tied, Kristen mixed it up a bit by tucking the front into the ‘Blackbird’ pants and leaving the back of the top untucked.

Kristen: The top is made of a beautifully light fabric that feels lovely against your skin and moves elegantly when  you walk. The pants are much thicker and structured, reminding me of a pair of office work pants that have been remodelled to be fashionable and stylish.

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Zoe Elizbeth’s ‘In The Moonlight’ Black Dress is one of the statement, going-out items from the ‘Wildfire’ collection, but can also be worn casually. Mel decided to dress it up with a pair of white heels and a classy Marc Jacobs handbag.

Mel: Everyone needs a little black dress in the wardrobe and this Zoe Elizabeth LBD had me feelin’ 90’s fever, especially when paired with these strappy white stilettos. This number was super comfortable also – it’s material has a level of elasticity that makes it movable and easy to wear. I can picture dressing it down with a plain white or black tee, or perhaps of turtle-neck skivvy… the possibilities are endless!


Kristen wears the 'Sunday Afternoon' wool jacket, the 'Drifter' black jersey top and 'The Fast One' caramel wrap skirt

Kristen wears the ‘Sunday Afternoon’ wool jacket, the ‘Drifter’ black jersey top and ‘The Fast One’ caramel wrap skirt

The ‘Sunday Afternoon’ jacket, ‘Drifter’ top and ‘The Fast One’ skirt put together was such a winning winter combination.

Kristen: The ‘Sunday Afternoon’ jacket is essentially a giant blanket you can wrap yourself in, while still looking stylish and fashionable. Wear this one over your shoulders for that effortless fashion blogger look, but don’t tell anyone that you literally feel like you’re snuggling up in bed. The ‘Drifter’ jersey top can be tucked in (like above) for a staple turtleneck look, or left loose as some sneaky added side panels allow this top to fall very flatteringly. Shades of caramel have been exceedingly popular this season, so much so that a skirt in this colour is a must for any wardrobe. ‘The Fast One’ is not actually that fast to put on, as you have to wrap it through a loop and tie it up, though once it’s on it looks effortless and glamorous.

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Mel created another daytime look for her final outfit, combining the ‘Coven’ White Bell Sleeve Top and ‘The Fast One’ Tie Caramel Skirt with knee-length boots and a wide-brimmed hat.

Mel: I loved the undertones of this outfit, and the top had super cute bell sleeves that are totally on trend right now. Again, I loved the tie-up feature of this sleek beige skirt, which made it very wearable for any shape and size.

You can shop Zoë Elizabeth The Label online and keep an eye out for her at some of the many Adelaide fashion markets!

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