4 convincing reasons why travelling alone to Mallorca is an excellent idea

The idea of travelling alone is a pretty scary thought for many. ‘What if I get lost? How do I make friends? Will I be embarrassed to dine in alone? Will I feel safe?’ Are just some of the thoughts that might run through one’s mind at the thought of venturing out solo.

I recently booked my first proper solo travel to the gorgeous island of Mallorca, Spain. Having done mini solo trips before (a couple days alone in New York, a couple of days alone in Las Vegas… of all places!), this was the first trip I had booked that was entirely independent. This meant I had no plans to meet up with someone there, and no one to accompany me during any part of the journey. As a matter of fact, I was really looking forward to a little bit of me-time away from my hectic London lifestyle.

My motivations for picking this particular location (by the way, I booked an AirBnb in the city centre Palma de Mallorca) was not for any other reason than to relax by the beach and enjoy some tropical island sunshine. I had not researched into travelling here much, let alone travelling here solo. Fortunately, it just so happened to be the perfect place for my first lonesome (turned out not so) adventure. Here’s why.

1. The public transport system is super well connected

Fun Fact #1: I did not pay for a single taxi ride on this island. Not even to and from the airport. There happens to be an excellent public transportation system that connects Mallorca from top to bottom. You can get almost everywhere by bus or train (minus the secret beaches, of course… they require a little extra hiking/a hire car).

With the buses, you do need a little patience as they only come every half an hour and at certain times, depending on which route you’re taking. However, the price you pay is totally cheap and as little as €1; I can’t recall ever paying more than €2.50 to get to the places I wanted to go.

As for trains, I never actually took one myself, but I’ve heard the train to Soller is a fun experience! It’s an old wooden train that slowly chugs you through the countryside from Palma to Soller and is known to be one of the main attractions on the island. I didn’t get around to this one – let me know if you did and what it was like though, I’d love to know!

Valldemossa is the utmost insta-worthy little village tucked away in the mountains of Mallorca... and it cost me €1 something to get there by bus.

Valldemossa is the utmost insta-worthy little village tucked away in the mountains of Mallorca… and it cost me €1 something to get there by bus.


2. It is, in fact, possible to party solo and make friends along the way

There is no doubt Mallorca has fabulous nightlife. Venues truly come to life as the sun fades away, revealing a vigorous scene of drinking, dancing and just your general after-dark debauchery. Take your pick from the many bars, restaurants and nightclubs at hand, you won’t regret it.

On the very first night I arrived, I convinced myself to go out for just one or two drinks. The idea was to ease into the party scene and simply have a little gander at what was on offer. Well, that didn’t last long. Before I knew it, I was five tequila shots deep on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, somewhere between Mallorca and Ibiza. Or Mallorca and Menorca. Who knows, one of the two. And can we bare in mind it was a Tuesday!?

I started this particular evening at a place called Roxy’s Beach Club by Puerto Portals. The port, though I was not aware at the time, is considered to be the island’s hotspot for glamorous outings and celebrity sightings… it also isn’t very cheap. Roxy’s was just a little walk away from the port and was less expensive than the other venues in the area, yet offering the same party vibes. I fell in love in an instant.

The best part about Roxy’s is that everyone is getting their draaank on, so someone is sure to come up and say hey. Cotton onto that person, get introduced to their friendship group and voila!, you’ve got yourself a group of drinking buddies to party the night away with! It’s also ultra fun seeing as it is a seaside location. I ended up on a yacht because boats would often sail from the port to Roxy’s, usually filled with ‘drunken sailors’ so to speak, who would hop between sea and shore. You could also jump on a jet-ski or go for a refreshing swim just a few feet from where you’d be sat at your table, sipping your creamy pina colada. Look, I loved it so much I went back twice and found myself another group of friends. Third time’s a charm… take me back now, please.

3. New day, new beach

Fun Fact #2: You won’t get bored any time soon. Atop the vibrant parties and yacht sailing, there’s an endless buffet of brilliant beaches to choose from. During the 5 days, I checked out Portals Nous Beach, Platja de S’oratori, Porto Cristo and Palma’s main beach, each of which had their own individual flair.

My favourite would have to have been the smaller-sized Portals Nous; it is located in this aesthetic little cove with plenty of rocks to sit and sunbathe on, as well as a sandy beach of course! There’s some moderate cliff edges to the left where you can watch people jumping off and into the deep turquoise ocean below. The water is crystal clear, clean and sparkly. I grabbed some fruit and crackers with dip at a nearby supermarket before laying down myself a towel and sunbathing in this serene environment. Paradise vibes!

4. The streets feel safe, even in the early hours of the AM

Last but certainly not least – I mean, if anything, it comes first – was that the island felt mostly safe. I was never troubled about leaving my belongings unattended on the beach while I dipped in for a swim, nor did I feel particularly threatened at any point a stranger approached me. Even navigating the streets of Palma alone at 5am in the morning after a night out did not stress me out (although I’m still not recommending this is a good idea). I guess when it comes down to it, most people who are in Mallorca during the summer months are there on holiday; they’re there to have a great time and be carefree, which is a vibe that tends to carry through.

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