Candy Chambers is Degusting

“Degust, Degust, Degust” was the aim of the night both physically and whimsically at Candy Chambers is Degusting. A show that combines a 5-course degustation menu with a 4-piece band and one seriously sassy cabaret crooner, this is not the average drag show!

Hosted by Entropy, a refurbished railway shed hidden in the backstreets of Thebarton usually known for it breakfast and lunch offerings. The space is modern yet industrial with the use of corrugated iron and salvaged materials. The space opens to a deck surrounded by gum trees and singing birds. It makes you forget that you are only 5 minutes from the city.

Entropy prides its self on a 100% South Australian menu, sourcing ingredients from all corners of the state. I was excited to see how renowned chef Peter McLauglin would create a menu designed to complement the very boisterously bejewelled Candy.

The lights were dimmed and the flame haired Candy sashayed on to the stage in a blur of technicolour and a flash of sequin. We were introduced to the very talented band directed by Carol Young.


The first course was served whilst Candy started her first musical number ‘It’s oh so quiet’ by Bjork. A lush interpretation of clam chowder with pieces of Barossa chorizo, chicken and wild crocodile sausage (from the only crocodile supplier in the state) in a tomato base was presented topped with 4 deliciously sweet Goolwa cockles.

Entropy host Laura described each dish between musical numbers. She particularly emphasised where each of the ingredients came from in our wonderful state.

We were treated to stories of the old country and Candy’s childhood. Stories laced with nostalgia and sexual innuendo had the audience laughing. The occasional bit of audience participation lightened the mood and everyone was in high sprits (especially those who opted for the matching wines).

Next course was homage to Candy’s childhood on the farm, Grandma Celeste’s pumpkin pie. It was salty and savoury with a light texture. Topped with Hindmarsh dairy crème fraiche and Barossa bacon.



Candy’s degustation serves a treat!

The song list was an interesting mix. With old jazz favourites, new pop songs and drag show classics there was something for everyone to sing along to.2

Third course was beef cheeks cooked in a quangdong sauce. It was melt in your mouth good. The meat was perfectly cooked and incredibly rich. It was followed by a rendition of Taylor Swift‘s ‘Shake it off’ possibly because we would all have to do a lot of shaking to work off that course.

Next up were chicken wings from Greenslades chicken (the only South Australian free-range chicken farm) covered in a spicy crunchy coasting and served with a mangosteen salsa.

Course 4 was followed by a very well received pink sherbet pallet cleanser, the perfect way to forget that you just degusted your way though 4-courses and make room for dessert. Dessert was a rich chocolate, orange and cardamom mousse topped with cherry chantiilly and Persian fairy floss. It was rich but not sweet unless you got a bite of the fairy floss at the same time. It was the perfect size after all the courses before.


Fancy a coconut?

Candy ended the show with a rendition of Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ and it is not hard to see why. After two hours of laughs, music, impressive dance moves (hello high kicks) and delicious food and wine everyone was leaving with a smile on their faces.

Overall, the performance and degustation combined made for a delightfully relaxing evening and, although I felt like the show was tailored to an older demographic and not quite suited to my age group, I certainly still enjoyed myself!

Candy Chamber’s is Degusting has finished its fringe run for the year but Candy has more performances lined up. Follow her on Facebook for more information. Entropy restaurant offers many live music events throughout the year. It is a wonderful venue for music so follow their Facebook page to see when something the coming up!

We rate: ★★★ 3/5 stars

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