How does one respond when their young daughter asks what a period is and their niece wants to know where babies come from?

Well, some of the world’s greatest comedians will tell you exactly how they went about this pivotal moment in true comical fashion.

Laid back and effortlessly funny host, Terry North, originally from London, returns to this year’s Adelaide Fringe with a brand new show The Adelaide Fringe Comedy Showcase, featuring the very best of both local and international comedians.

With at least four great acts strutting their stuff every night, it’s the perfect opportunity to see what these English, Singaporean, Scottish and Canadian (among many more) comedians have to offer.

Bruce, a lad from Perth, Scotland recalled some of his greatest flight stories, addressed our obsession with terrorism and how everyone in his hometown knows one other.

Jinx, from Singapore poked fun at himself and the Chinese culture.

Jesse from Canada made fun of Americans and Australians, touching on a personal Aussie culture favourite, ‘Drop Bears’.

Local man Fabio told hilarious parenting stories based on his own experience, a topic easily relatable for the parents in the room.

You’ll have to buy a ticket to see how they responded to some of life’s most awkward questions, because I sure aint spoiling it!

Most of the comedians are hosting their own shows at The Griffiths Hotel in the Balcony Room on weeknights.

The Gawler and Willunga Golf Club and The Vines at Reynella will also host the Adelaide Fringe Comedy Showcase.

Tickets are available here.

We rate: ★★★ 3/5 stars

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