DermaZen is ‘All about that Face’

DermaZen is an exclusive skin health clinic, nestled into the beautiful surroundings of Stirling in the Adelaide Hills.

The clinic is owned by Dr. Blue and Shaun who have been researching the South Australian market and working tirelessly behind the scenes for the last two and a half years since their move to Adelaide from London.

The clinic specializes in advanced skin health programs and is far from being considered ‘a pink fluffy clinic,’ as practice manager Shaun stated. The clinic aims to educate people about skin health along with providing treatment and ongoing support.


The clinic officially launched at an intimate gathering in The Stirling Hotel and during their speeches, Shaun announced Blue and himself were also celebrating the first time they met fourteen years ago, causing a chorus of “awwhsssss!” to travel around the room. After meeting at a dinner party in London, the couple married in 2009 and now have two adopted sons.

Both Blue and Shaun are aiming to educate people about skin health through the clinic. Their idea behind the clinic was to make it private and confidential so clients never have to share the clinic with anyone else.

“None of us want to age,” Shaun stated. “We all want to make sure we are doing the right thing for our skin but what we tend to do is jump on the bandwagon of what we see in a magazine”.

“What we want to do is bring skin health to you”.

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With a range of targeted facials, dermal fillers, treatment and medical peels, anti wrinkle injections and more on offer, DermaZen is trying to define what is great skin.

All products used in the practice are clinically proven to produce results and are doctor administered. DermaZen are also the first South Australian clinic to stock ZO products by Dr Zein Obaji, a world renowned skincare expert and award winning innovator and dermatologist. I also nearly did a backflip, double twist after I watched a video testimonial of Dr. Obaji and found out he was over 70 years of age.

Blue, a model in his younger years has always been interested in how our skin effects they way we feel. With many people keeping cosmetic work they have had done on the down low out of fear of judgment, Dr. Blue encourages his patients to be open about it and to share the information they have learned.


It is a well-known fact that Australians love their hefty booze consumption and this does have a notable effect on anyone’s skin. Many other environmental factors, especially harsh sun exposure through the thin ozone layer and effects of global warming also are harmful to the skin.

There is a lot of marketing around pretty packaging and models endorsing products, which even I admit I am swayed by when purchasing products. Medically prescribed skin care programs are becoming more popular and are recognized internationally as the most successful way to ‘strengthen, repair and protect the skin’.

“We want to look at improving skin health first before we have to go through the steps of anti-wrinkle treatments,” says Dr. Blue.

To find out more about DermaZen Skin Health Clinic click here.

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