Five Eye-Catching Sellers from Labels Style Markets

We all know how Rundle Mall transforms on a Friday night as stores are open later and an abundance of people hit the streets. This time around we were in for a bit of treat as Labels Style Market set itself up at the sparkling Hotel Richmond. Brands and bloggers alike came together to sell their ace new lines or pre-owned pieces for jaw-dropping discounts.

The always-packed Labels Style Market

The always-packed Labels Style Market

We were spoilt with a warm welcome featuring a goodie-bag and a cocktail to sip on the balcony, overlooking the mall during its most vibrant hour. The clothes we came across are right on our doorstep, so here are five local sellers that caught our attention.

Orange jumper. A need, not a want. Bargain.

Orange jumper. A need, not a want. Bargain.

Milan Mode
Simple, yet sophisticated. The team at Milan Mode can cater to any women’s style and by looking at their range, they certainly weren’t lying! Take this tan woollen knit, for example. It only came to about $70 from $139, as everything in the range was 50% off! A perfect late-winter buy see you safely into spring.

Katya's signature snowflake design

Katya’s signature snowflake design

Katya Komarova
An established model in Russia and now a talented Australian fashion designer, Katya Komarova’s line achieves the perfect balance of elegance and accessibility. The snowflake print that’s seen frequently on her range is inspired by her Russian roots. Make sure to keep an eye out for her at the upcoming Adelaide Fashion Festival, where she will be showcasing a new line on October the 20th.

Gisele Swing Dress. For $10, you're practically making money.

Gisele Swing Dress. For $10, you’re practically making money.

Zahari is an online boutique based in Adelaide that picks the best quality products from Australian street and designer labels. The range at the market was perfectly coordinated in matt, brown colours that guarantee a minimalistic elegance. Just look at this Giselle swing dress (only $10 at the market!) then you’d know what we’re talking about!

Who needs a partner when you can snuggle up with one of these

Who needs a partner when you can snuggle up with one of these.

Sally Cairns’s idea to start a range of therapeutically soft knits began when she decided to make her parents a blanket as a gift. Since then, she has been creating all sorts of snug products, including rugs, blankets, cushions, throws and scarfs – all 100% merino wool. This range screams luxury yet remains soulful as Sally knits her products herself, which makes them that extra bit special! A scarf of hers would come to about $49, which is a perfect remedy for a chilly Australian August.

Sparkle sparkle

Sparkle sparkle

Glamour Me
If you want to feel like a majestic goddess, then Glamour Me Jewellery and Accessories is the solution. Kylie Fort goes out of her way to acquire extravagantly beautiful jewellery that is at the peak of quality and affordability. Her choice of products is heavily driven by her passion for the classical film era and if you drop by to her store, you would feel like you’ve stepped backwards into a time of pure glamour. Pay her a visit at 79a Jetty Rd in Brighton!

The Labels Style Market catered to dressing up and dressing casual. Boutiques, designers and bloggers unified in order to reflect their passion onto the late-night shoppers of Adelaide. Feel free to check out their website and follow them on Instagram/Facebook: @LabelsStyleMarkets.

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