FOMO sets Adelaide free

A surprisingly welcoming Adelaide Gaol played host to the inaugural Adelaide leg of the very aptly named FOMO Festival on Friday 6th January, and not even fearsome thermostat readings could keep the masses away.

Punters piled into the venue despite the sizzling temperatures and, with acts like Peking Duk, Desiigner and Flosstradamus on the same bill with the promise of no clashes, you can understand why.

The fearless warriors at the front were rewarded for their grit, in true Aussie festival fashion, with generous squirts of the hose as the day went on.

Keep the crowd cool at FOMO

Keeping the crowd cool at FOMO

The festival was well-managed, particularly considering the heat; there always seemed to be a spot at the bar, a tempting-looking food van or a free toilet despite the constant swarm of hungry, thirsty and busting partygoers.

To the entertainment, though, and while one cannot question the courage of the clientele, the performers echoed this determined vigour and took it to the next level.

Hip-hop royals Desiigner faced off against the late afternoon sun and delivered a lively set, all the while tossing out bottles of water to the thirsty crowd.

Desiigner taking the stage by storm FOMO

Desiigner taking the stage by storm

Watching George Maple brave the heat in one of her typically exquisite and elaborate costumes was truly a joy as the sun began to set over the old correctional facility.

JME guided the Gaol into darkness with grime, paving the perfect path for Peking Duk on which to enter.

The two Canberra natives then took the reins in style, treating the buzzing mass of bodies before them to music both old and new, and sneaking in a few surprises along the way.

True to form, though, it was the Americans who stole the show.

Flosstradamus FOMO


Flosstradamus emerged to a giant roar from a very dusty, dirty, sweaty crowd—in what would be one of their very last shows as a duo—and Adelaide Gaol instantly became their kingdom for the night.

Adorned with their trademark armour and bearing their unmistakable warning sign flags, the pair drained every last bit of energy from the resilient horde, lauding Adelaide for its ability to stick it out in the heat.

The Chi-town champions played until they could play no more but, as with all good things—nay, great things—the festivities had to come to an end.

Flosstradamus FOMO

Flosstradamus closes FOMO

Leaving nothing but blood, sweat and quite possibly a few tears behind, the crowd thinned and dissipated, gathering up already-nostalgic thoughts of what was truly a day—and night—to remember.

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