Free Lunch at Slo Moe’s

The Texas Timebomb Sandwich Slo Moe's
The Texas Timebomb Sandwich


No your eyes aren’t playing tricks. You read that right!

Slo Moe’s will be celebrating the opening of their CBD location by feeding malnourished uni students and anyone else for that matter in Rundle Place today.

The food-court outlet is the first of its kind to offer authentic Southern-style BBQ to South Australians, thanks to SA’s renowned chef Nigel Rich.

The locally sourced, mouth-watering meats on offer will be prepared in the Slo Moe’s McLaren Vale smoker, under the direction of Nigel Rich himself and Co-Founder Darren Lange.

The meats will be traditionally cooked for over 10-14 hours, to ensure the most delicious sandwiches in all the land.

Nigel is so confident people will be back for more, that he’s offering free lunch between 11am-3pm until sold out.

“We don’t have a fancy menu to hide behind. In fact, we really only cook five items – beef, lamb, pork , chicken and fish, with a selection of sides, but what we do cook we do exceptionally well. This is a classic case of quality over quantity,” he said.

So, get down to Rundle Place ASAP, because Slo Moe’s are sure to sell out.

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