Going to Nourish Festival in my active wear!

Attention fit brothers and sisters! We’ve found the perfect excuse for you to wear active wear all day this Saturday (because you’ll actually be working out this time!).

Nourish Festival is bringing the first full-day yoga, fitness and wellbeing festival of its kind to Adelaide at Rundle Park.

The festival will provide yoga and barre classes as well as PT sessions to get people moving.


Fitness experts, including author and motivational speaker Melissa Ambrosini, sports dietician Tanya Lewis and former tennis coach Roger Rasheed will provide inspirational talks and demonstrations.

Lola Berry, well-known nutrition guru and official Nourish Festival ambassador will also make an appearance and share her life passion with festivalgoers.

“We really want this festival to be a retreat in the city where people can be given the tools to build on their health and fitness and enjoy a wonderful day out in the sun,” Festival Director Kate Abraham said.


Lola Berry

Considering a healthy lifestyle is 20 per cent exercise, 80 per cent diet, let’s not forget to mention food.

Previous My Kitchen Rules contestants, Luke and Scott will host a two-course breakfast in the morning, followed by lunch. The boys from Bondi will also be available to answer questions and share clean eating advice. There will also be food markets displaying fresh and healthy food and supporting local business.

The Nourish Festival will be open from 6.30am to 7pm this Saturday the 17th of October. Tickets are available for selected food events, fitness sessions and inspirational talks but general admission is free.


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