Host the wedding of your dreams at Studio at Sfera’s

Every Sunday morning I wake up and start the day with the wedding pages in the Sunday Mail. I critique the dress, the proposal, the wedding dance, and at the same time think about how I would make my own wedding infinitely better.

Then I read about the weddings that have 350+ guests and think: Holy crap who even knows that many people? Where would you even fit such a crowd? The paper will generally tell me that said venue is Sfera’s Park Suites and Convention Centre. It is apparent though, after years of dedicated wedding pages reading, that I am clearly not popular enough to be invited to such a lustrous affair and thus I have never been to the venue.

So when The Adelaidian was invited to the launch of their new function room, I jumped at the chance to make all of my wedding fantasies come true*. The new Studio room at Sfera’s is a much more intimate space than I was expecting, comfortably hosting around 100 people.



I entered via a glamorous red carpet, heading towards a room surrounded by windows. At the entrance was a fully stocked grazing bar. I am not exactly the biggest fan of grazing tables for a range of reasons (wastage of food when it’s not pretty/germs from hours of sharing/it starts to smell bad after about an hour), but this was an exception. The bigger items, like ricotta and herb stuffed zucchini flowers and little eggplant dumplings covered in passata and herbs, were separated into bowls on the table. A big wheel of legitimate parmesan cheese was sitting whole and surrounded by figs. It’s possible that this spread led me to be converted to the idea of a grazing platter.

Further exploration of the space led me to a dessert display of far grander proportions. It was a full table filled with exquisite sweet offerings, surrounded by decorative trees and adorned with sugary samples. The display truly was a piece of edible art, and possibly the perfect addition to a wedding special event.

If you are looking for a venue to hold your dream event, even if you don’t know 350+ people… think of Sferas’s.

*I would like to acknowledge to my long-suffering boyfriend that my ongoing wedding fantasies are totally sane and normal.


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