Indulge in Fresh, Handmade Noodles at Bakmi Lim

You may have walked past this Indonesian eatery on Waymouth Street sometime in the last four months, and if you haven’t been in yet we encourage you to do so.

Bakmi Lim Noodle Project is exactly what it sounds like; an Indonesian-inspired handmade noodle joint that focuses on presenting a small number of dishes with a large amount of flavour.

Owner David Lim learnt how to make noodles from his father back in Jakarta. Wanting to continue his legacy, he started Bakmi Lim in hopes to bring a little taste of Indonesian street food to Waymouth.

Spinach noodles with combination pork

Spinach noodles with combination pork

Situated right in the middle of the corporate side of the city, David knew that crowd wanted good food, quickly that was also tasty and healthy. To meet these requirements, he’s created an easy three-step process where people can create a personalised meal that meets their dieting requirements. Simply choose your noodles: traditional or spinach-infused, choose your topping: chicken, pork or tofu, and add an additional side if you like.

Our picks from the menu would have to be Lim’s Bao, little buns filled with saucy pork and vegetables, boiled wontons filled with prawns and served in a tasty broth, and spinach noodles served with a combination of roast pork with crunchy crackling and barbecue pork covered in delicious, thick sauce.

Bao buns

Bao buns

Bakmi Lim also serve iced, home-made Indonesian black tea and a sweeter chrysanthemum tea, as well as organic soy milk that David makes himself and flavours slightly with pandan leaves.

As well as dine-in and take-away options, Bakmi Lim is also available on Uber Eats for those who love delicious food but don’t want to interrupt their Netflix marathon. There’s really no excuse not to try this amazing little noodle joint!

Bakmi Lim is open from 11am-3pm Monday to Friday, 5:30pm-9pm Thursday to Friday and 12pm-10pm Saturday.

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