Klorane release your new favourite travel companions

Here at The Adelaidian we’re constantly travelling, be it interstate, overseas or just down to Port Lincoln to swim with the sea lions.

Over time, we’ve learnt how to travel light and only take the essentials, meaning we leave most of our regular-sized beauty and haircare products at home.

Klorane have just released a whole range of travel-sized shampoo and conditioners using ingredients to battle all kinds of hair ailments, with ingredients sourced from locations as exotic to the one you’re hopefully travelling to.

For colour-treated hair, look to their pomegranate range using pomegranates sourced from Morocco. Babes with dry and damaged hair can add some life to their locks with the mango shampoo and conditioner, using mangoes from India. Flax fibre from the south-west of France will help add volume, while quinine from Ecuador and Vitamin B will restore thickness and energy.

The 100ml shampoo and 50ml conditioner bottles meet airline carry-on requirements too, so there’s no need to stress if you’re not taking checked baggage.

These mini Klorance bottles are available Australia-wide from most leading pharmacies.

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