Leonard St Boutique opening in Ebenezer Place

Adelaide is full of hidden gems and fortunately enough, we were lucky to find Leonard St. On November 14th, we attended the opening night of Leonard St Boutique down in Ebenezer Place in Adelaide CBD. Just a hop, skip and jump away from Rundle Street, this Melbourne-esque laneway offers an ever-changing playground for the hip and young.

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Hidden behind the chaos of the city, this electric location is the perfect spot in the East End to welcome Adelaide’s newest boutique, Leonard St. Amongst this delightful alley are organic cafes attracting all the Adelaide foodies and caffeine connoisseurs, as well as a select few hipster chic stores drawing in those stylish crowds.

And now Ebenezer Place welcomes its newest hipster chic store, Leonard St: a Melbourne based fashion label that has been running for 10 years, with 3 retail stores in Melbourne city, Fitzroy and Northcote. Lovely designer and founder of Leonard St, Amanda McCarthy, started off in 2004 with all her designs predominately inspired by silhouette, colour and prints.

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At the official launch, we were welcomed with the ultimate cheese platter including a mix of fresh, aged, soft and hard cheeses, with assorted small goods as well as hand-made ginger bread by Steed Designs to sweeten up the night .

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Cheese & gingerbread are a killer combo!

Designer and founder Amanda says she is ecstatic about opening her world to the Adelaide market; “We feel an electric, creative vibe in Adelaide that is in line with Leonard St designs. We want to build as part of the community-aesthetic Ebenenzer Place and are offering a different product, hopefully adding a new option to the Adelaide retail precinct.”

Its undeniably obvious that Amanda’s choice in designs are alternative and hip, something in which she intended through her own inspiration and experiences. Each piece has a unique finish, being derived from her working experience overseas. “Working overseas gave me the opportunity to see dimensions clearly and become more objective about choices,” she explains, “I did odd jobs like working in a vintage store, styling, costume buying for film and at this time I started the brand as a hobby and to fill a niche market.” Amanda’s first collection was a highly retro 70’s style and her brand grew from there.

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Printed accessories.

Colours, patterns and highly creative designs gazed at us as we met the racks. What makes a statement? According to our lady, prints do! Especially when each piece features a distinctive one. Amanda tries to incorporate a quirky animal focus each year, and this season she has featured the sloth in several of her designs.

“For my animal print this season I chose the Sloth. He has a soft place in my heart as we all relate to the sloth’s preffered position at times. I’m hoping he brings many smiles this season.”

IMG_9648 (Large)

IMG_9630 (Large)

Did Mel  manage to pull off the Sloth print pant?

Amanda’s love for bringing statement pieces to the table is what makes her designs stand out. Amanda says, “A unique print sets a collection apart from seasonal textile trends.” She goes on to explain, “I like to offer a print that is quite personal and quirky. Having an eye for creative art, Amanda’s favourite part of the design process is developing the prints, ideas and colour palettes which is always step one for her.”

IMG_9603 (Large)

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Mel in a splash of colour on white with this two-piece T-shirt and denim skirt set.

Amanda is bringing in summer with a bang; individuality is the key. With punchy print highlights an bold geometric designs, Leonard St is dropping flavours from the 1960’s – every girl’s fashion era dream.

“The Matches print embodies the 60’s references in this collection as it is evocative of the original Red Heads Matches branding, such a strong iconic product. It’s a fun punchy print with a summery vibe.”

IMG_9564 (Large)

IMG_9575 (Large)

Elle sporting a cute, flowy dress featuring Matches print.

Leonard St, however, can also cater to your basic needs, offering plain camisoles, simple yet elegant dresses in monochrome and staple items such as funky leather jackets.

IMG_9678 (Large)

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Elle wears an elegant yet basic long black dress.

Leonard St’s Amanda encompasses someone who is expressive in her designs and who likes to present herself as an individual; a woman with appreciation for creativity and sophistication. Adelaide, step out of your comfort zone and into the hipster haven that is Leonard St for a taste of all things pattern and print.

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