Let it Glow. OrganiQ skincare products are 100% natural and edible.

In a youth obsessed society, ‘loving the skin you’re in’ involves taking care of your body both inside and out.

OrganiQ is an Australian made and owned natural and organic skincare range that smells good enough to eat. Sally Lydia, founder of OrganiQ believes, “If you wouldn’t eat it, why would you put it on your skin”!

Sally’s love of the ocean, Kangaroo Island’s natural resources and a passion for wholesome food has been incorporated into a collection of skincare products suited for both males and females.


The Coffee Body Scrub is energising and invigorating, perfect for that morning shower and those who are #teamcoffee. It’s like having a second morning latte minus the shakes. The ground coffee beans, the Kangaroo Island and Himalayan Mineral Salt and raw sugar help to remove dead skin. The organic coconut oil softens in a hot shower, allowing it to gently smooth over the whole body, including the face. It left me with soft and glowing skin and smelt heavenly.

The Coconut Body Scrub has a similar effect to the Coffee Body Scrub but has a much sweeter scent, perfect for those who are #teamtea. With a strong coconut and cinnamon aroma, the coconut body scrub smelt good enough to eat, which it is. Generally for best results, I use body scrubs from 1-2 times a week or before applying fake tan but it is completely up to the user.


There is nothing I love more than a calming chamomile tea after a long day and OrganiQ have created a product that allows you to have the same sensation at any time of the day. Their Soothing Chamomile Facial Mist fits easily into your handbag and is the perfect product to whip out every few hours to refresh your face. It is important to keep your skin hydrated all day and along with drinking enough water, the chamomile facial mist can revive your face full of make up. The chamomile facial mist is also alcohol free and great for calming and soothing sensitive or irritated skin.

OrganiQ has plenty of other products available including a facial elixir, a clay facial mask and a range of other facial mists (rose and lavender) and body scrubs.

Find out more here.

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