Liza Emanuele // Blue Sky Launch

This week, Adelaide’s Liza Emanuele paired up with fellow local shoe designer, Regina Sole Queen, to put on an intimate Bloggers and Fashion Influencers Evening at the Liza Emanuele Boutique in Hyde Park.

VIP guests got that chance to preview Liza Emanuele’s new Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Blue Sky, as well as hear a panel of Adelaide’s Fashion Influencers talk about the latest trends, styling tips and fashion advice in general.

Three of Adelaide’s most influential fashion faces made up the panel, including blogger and fashion connoisseur Sonia Bavistock (otherwise known as Sonia Styling), communications guru and director of Glam AdelaideKelly Noble, and the inspirational Jenni Eyles of Styling Curvy.


Liza Emanuele Boutique

Hosted by yet another one of Adelaide’s fashion extraordinaires, the fabulous Filip With An F, the panel discussed everything from this season’s Spring trends and favourite styles to social media use and taking ‘selfies’. The lovely Sonia even gave us a quick demonstration of her ultimate pose to flatter the body in any photograph.

When asked about dressing to suit body shapes and how to look good to make yourself feel better, Jenni gave us her expertise on the matter. “You can wear anything you want, it’s just how you put it together,” says Jenni, “I don’t believe in the ideal, ‘we should love ourselves no matter what.’ Sometimes we need a bit of armour.”

“If a set of fake nails, a rocking frock or a spray tan is what you need to get yourself out the door and feeling confident, put it on, rock it out and get on with it!”


Filip With An F interviewing the panel of Fashion Influencers

Sonia gave us a quick overview of where she draws inspiration from online, pinpointing the use of Instagram and following other style bloggers. “They’re real women, just like me,” she explains, “Search the hashtag #EverydayStyle on Instagram. A Queensland-based style blogger started the tag just to encourage women to put in just that little bit of effort just for themselves every day.”

“It’s not just about getting frocked up for an event, it’s about every day. When you just put in that extra 5 minutes to put on some red lipstick or a great pair of shoes, it makes all the difference.”

In sharing some of her knowledge on the world of social media, Glam Adelaide’s Kelly Noble spoke about the act of selfie-taking and why she does it. “In the last year , I’ve had to get on the selfie-bandwagon,” explains Kelly, “From a business perspective, you need to have that element of social media so that people can identify with the faces behind the brands.”

“People want selfies – as weird as that sounds.”


Liza opening the Blue Sky showcase

After the panel discussion and a quick, few words from the fantastic designer herself, the Liza Emanuele show opened with a number of monochromatic, striped outfits paired with classic black heels from Regina Sole Queen.

Featuring black and white striped dresses, tops, blazers and pullovers, as well as silk, black pants and a jumpsuit, the monochrome pieces are a chic addition to the collection; perfect for professional business-wear with a bit of sass or as staple wardrobe items for everyday use.

Liza used intricate lace material to create some gorgeous dress designs which are conservative yet seductive and suited to any cocktail dress event such as the races or a date night.

IMG_1084IMG_1094Intricate Lace Dresses

We saw a lot of bright oranges and reds, as well as some colourful floral prints to suit the Spring feel. A personal favourite would have had to have been the coral-coloured two-piece set featuring a laced crop and flowing high-low skirt. Such an appropriate outfit for the springtime, this two-piece evokes thoughts of warmer weather and joyful times, especially with the playfulness of the skirt.



The showcase closed with an ever-so dreamy, silk ivory wedding dress characterised by a draping fishtail and floral embellishment over the bust and shoulder.

If you liked this collection and want to find out more, follow through to the official Liza Emanuele website here, or find Liza Emanuele on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

You can also buy tickets to her show at the Adelaide Fashion Festival here. Spaces are limited, so buy now to avoid missing out!

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