Miss Behave’s Game Show

Miss Behave's Game Show
Miss Behave's Game Show

I couldn’t have really given you a precise description of Miss Behave’s Game Show featured at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival prior to seeing it, but now that I have, I can tell you it’s probably not at all like anything you’ve seen before.

To elaborate, the gold-sequined Miss Behave hosts a ‘deliberately lo-fi’, audience-involved game show that takes place on a set built from cardboard and permanent marker.

Miss Behave divides the audience into two groups dependent on the brand of your phone; iPhone versus Others, competing against each other in games involving Shazaming songs, guessing TV theme songs and competing to see who can call Miss Behave’s number from their phone first while she loosely keeps a tally on the scoreboard.


Miss Behave is accompanied on stage by her ever-so-glamourous-male-hot-pant-wearing assistant Harriet who will frequently gift you with dance routines and accurate impersonations of music queens Sia and Beyoncé, adding to the non-stop entertainment.

Although this may be the most unprofessional live game show you will experience, there will be guaranteed laughter. You can do as little as asking Miss Behave for one team point, or as much as handing her a $50 note to bribe her for two points (yes, this really happened) during a segment titled ‘do anything for a point’.


While recounting the week that was with the tragic events occurring in Orlando, Miss B reminds us all to ‘stay golden’. The carefree nature of the show brings audiences into a space where they can truly let their hair down and for a moment forget the negativity that dominates our newsfeeds on the daily.

A ridiculously humorous show where a large chunk is impressively reliant on improvisation, nothing means anything and rules do not exist.

So, what are you willing to do for points?

Tickets are still available here for Miss Behave’s Game Show this Friday the 17th or Saturday the 18th at 10:00pm at the Adelaide Festival Theatre.

Images supplied by Miss Behave’s Game Show

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