Photo Diary: Holden Cascada

When Holden were kind enough to lend us their convertible Cascada for a week, the first thing we wanted to do was take it down to the beach.

Driving along the picturesque South Australian coastline with the roof down on our shiny new car was both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. With the wind rushing through our hair and the smell of fresh air in our noses, we were in for an amazing day trip.

The Cascada was super fun to drive, as it accelerated quickly at the slightest touch to the pedal and the leather seats were really comfy. Though we didn’t need it on this drive, the car also seat and steering wheel warmers which were perfect for evening cruises.

Though it was a gorgeously sunny day, it was a little windy so we wore some light clothing from Coltish. Kristen wore the ‘Lucinda Lace Blouse’ by We Are Kindred with the ‘Palazzo’ pant from Amelius, while Mel wore the ‘Poolside Kimono’ by Paddo to Palmy.

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