Sushi delivered straight to your door!

Some of you might say, “Oh, yet another sushi outlet in Adelaide,” or; “Nothing beats Sushi Train,” but there is no doubt this new restaurant is something else.

Located on West Terrace and open seven days a week, Sushi Planet is the newest sushi restaurant in town. The most exciting aspect of this new business, however, is definitely the delivery option.

Nowhere else in Adelaide delivers sushi straight to your door, free of charge, yet this is one of the many great things about the new Sushi Planet. Either order online or via phone and Sushi Planet come to you with freshly made sushi! A 10% discount applies to pick up orders.

Although sitting at home, without needing to move from the couch to get your fix of delicious sushi sounds like the perfect night in, Sushi Planet alternatively offers the perfect night out as well.

Owner of Sushi Planet, Pavel Gayvoronskiy, acknowledges Adelaide’s large variety of fast food sushi outlets, but believes there are no proper contemporary Japanese restaurants for people to make an occasion out of. Gayvoronoskiy explains;

“Sushi Planet goes far beyond having great food and service by offering customers the holistic dining experience, where people can get together to enjoy the modern Japanese food whilst having cocktails in a vibrant ambiance.”

IMG_4182Inside the Sushi Planet restaurant

Essentially, one could liken the bubbling atmosphere of Sushi Planet to other bar/restaurants in Adelaide such as new favourite, Crab Shack, or the popular Press* Food and Wine, which is another notable characteristic setting it apart from other sushi places in Adelaide.

So, if you’re getting sick of hanging around Sushi Train, or maybe looking for a new place to grab some tasty drinks and tapas, head on over to Sushi Planet and experience something unique!

Want to browse the extensive menu? Click here.

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