The Unfair Advantage at Adelaide Fringe

Hains and Co sets the scene for Adelaide Fringe show The Unfair Advantage.
Hains and Co sets the scene for Adelaide Fringe show The Unfair Advantage.

Are you watching carefully? Because in this ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ Fringe show, you’ll definitely need to be!

Sydney magician, Harry Milas, brings his show, The Unfair Advantage, to Adelaide for the Fringe season for the very first time!

We had the pleasure of experiencing the world premiere of The Unfair Advantage ourselves at Gilbert Place’s hidden gem – Hains & Co.

We must admit, when we showed up to this nautical themed bar in the heart of the CBD, we found ourselves wondering just how one would hold a magic show at this venue. Turns out, Harry keeps his audiences exclusively to a maximum of ten people per show to ensure a closed, intimate and unique experience for all attendees!

Harry describes his journey with magic by explaining that, while all the other kids moved onto trucks and dinosaurs, he never quite outgrew his very first magic kit.

The hour-long performance felt more like a conversation rather than a magic show, with Harry being incredibly personable, candidly sharing his life stories with us.

Harry’s specialty lies in card tricks and, in this part performance, part tutorial, he lets us in with some magician secrets that kill casinos!

“Over an hour I will expose many of the best tricks and illusions I know. I begin with some that are easier to follow but as the show goes on, greater displays of card play unfold and exciting secrets are uncovered… it becomes a bit magical,” says Harry.

And that’s all we can say for now! After all, we don’t want to ruin the experience for you (or reveal Harry’s best kept secrets).

The Unfair Advantage has sold out for its first show on Friday 16th February, but Harry will be performing until the end of the Fringe season on Monday 19th March. Tickets are available for online purchase here.

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