VANI-T Skincare New Collection Press Night

Just the other week, we were invited to attend the exclusive launch party of VANI-T Skincare at Marion’s Studio.

VANI-T Founder, Tania Walsh, and General Manager, Olivia Jenkins, gave a detailed presentation about their company and products, even engaging the audience by passing around samples of all the products spoken about during the presentation.

Originally founded in 2004 as the world’s first natural tanning company, VANI-T has since grown to include Australia’s first mineral cosmetics, and now, skincare products, with an ‘Eco-Glamour’ philosophy.

“Since VANI-T’s conception in 2004, I have been dedicated to creating innovative, high demand products that have a real point of difference in image, delivery of results, quality and purity, enriched with natural and organic ingredients and stunning recyclable packaging. This fusion of ethics, luxury and performance is what we call Eco-Glamour,” says Tania.

Guests getting seated for the presentation at Vani-T's press night.

Guests getting seated for the presentation at Vani-T’s press night.

VANI-T is also completely cruelty free and none of their products include any mineral oils, petrochemicals, talc, fillers, parabens, artificial fragrances, or harmful preservatives.

“The brand, itself, and the products are 95% or more naturally derived, so we’re very much about natural technology. But we’re about natural technology that works. I think it’s still important to make sure that we have a product that’s doing what it says it does and still performing, so that’s something that we really focus on,” says Olivia.

Being a South Australian brand, most of VANI-T’s products are made and manufactured right here in Adelaide. They also use indigenous ingredients where possible, including the Kakadu plum and quandong, particularly in their tanning and skincare products.

Learning more about beauty and skincare with Vani-T.

Learning more about beauty and skincare with Vani-T.

Gift bags! Yay!

Gift bags! Yay!

During the presentation, we got to try out some VANI-T’s brand new products including the anti-aging powder-to-cream Peptide Lift, which reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark circles over time, as well as the GLOW+ Self Tan Drops – a revolutionary product that puts tanning in your everyday control.

The girls were even generous enough to let each of us go home with an amazing goodie bag of products to try ourselves so we’re super excited to test them out in our own time! If you’re interested in their brand or any of the products we mentioned, make sure to check out VANI-T’s products online here.

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