If you’re competitive like Mel, then you will either love or hate Holey Moley

Yeah sooo, losing isn’t really a thing for me. If you challenge me to a game or competition of any sort, I will endeavour to win, no matter what the situation. That was why when I found out Holey Moley Golf Club was launching in Adelaide, I knew I would strive to take home the mini golf trophy and show the world my Tiger Woods golfing skills… of which I have none, apparently. And thus, I lost.

Perhaps it was all of those ridiculous Red Bull cocktails with twirly candy garnishes that shook my game, or maybe it was the crump-worthy songs spun by the live DJ that distracted me (Usher’s ‘Yeah’ is an absolute TUNE, and Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ is just so passionate, how could I not break it down to those beats?!). Regardless, I didn’t take losing very well.

We played the ‘Olde Horsey’ mini golf course, made up of 9 different themed holes incorporating everything from a graveyard (‘Par for the Corpse’), a pinball machine (‘A Pin Pin Situation’), a Simpson couch scene (‘742 Evergreen Terrace’) and even a Game of Thrones ode: ‘Nine Iron Throne’. The GOT throne was the ninth and final hole of the course and neither Kristen nor I made that one. In fact, I got so aggressive about it I ended up hitting the ball a little too hard, pegging it at the golf-club clad iron throne and having it shoot straight back, nearly knocking out some poor guy behind me just innocently trying to eat his slice of pizza. Oops.

It was perhaps one of the craziest rounds of mini golf we’ve ever experienced, and in saying that we’re definitely keen make our return soon. Totally new and unique, Holey Moley will be providing the ultimate setting for a first date, a stag do or simply a night out for drinks with a group friends. Its elaborate, pop-culture themed golf stations, flashy bright lights and multicolored interior makes the venue a true playground for adults, accompanying a fully-fledged bar and plenty of booze to go around. To find out more, follow the link here.

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