Hair By Jaz: Bringing affordable hairstyles to your door

Pediatric nurse by day, braiding nurse by night, Jaz Taladucon  founder of Hair by Jaz – is offering Adelaide a unique mobile hair styling service with a focus on braids, braids and more braids.

The self-taught hair stylist incorporates the latest trends with inspired techniques to produce her works of art, with inspiration coming from all over the shop.

Jaz’s aim is to make hair styling services accessible and affordable without sacrificing the luxury high-end salon experience.

“When I was younger, hair styling was always considered a luxury but it shouldn’t be. Therefore, I wanted to be able to cater from everyone, no matter the occasion,” Jaz writes on her website.

Hair by Jaz offers an extensive range of services including loose curls, vintage waves and up-styles as well as braids.

The affordable mobile hair service allows clients to get ready for their event wherever they want, with Jaz accommodating for engagement and bridal parties, formals, graduations, 21st birthdays and even how-to workshops for parents, soon to be including a dads-only class.

“I would [also] love to do one-on-one hair tutorials with clients so that they are able to do simpler versions of styles that I do on them,” say Jaz.

Jaz says her experiences with her hair clients compared to those with her patients as a nurse may be inherently different, however she finds both incredibly rewarding and enjoyable.

“I would consider myself a very outgoing and overly talkative person, so to go from interacting with children and parents about their toys, sickness [and] family, to clients who just love a general chat or ‘gossip’, whether it be about anything social, fashion, makeup, hair… both are still a lot of fun for me,” says Jaz.

“I’m all about sharing the love, and that for me means being affordable for everyone.”

Follow Jaz on Instagram @thebraidingnurse, and for bookings, you can email her at


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