Step, Sweat and Smile with Stadium Stomp

Stadium Stomp
Image credit: Runners World Online

Winter is no time to get slack, and competing in fun fitness events helps keep us motivated and training through these chilly months.

Stadium Stomp is the latest event we’ve been training for, with the help of their free five-week training program created by Shannan Ponton.

The event takes the traditional fun-run and makes it more interesting, by setting the course up and down stairs at Adelaide Oval on Sunday the 9th of July.

This unique challenge will see participants climb around 6000 stairs to the sound of motivational music, before finishing with a lap of the oval and a medallion at the end. Once the run is over, there will be a mini fitness expo with exciting stalls and samples for everyone to try.

If you’re a little nervous about the prospect of climbing 6000 stairs, there’s no need to worry. You can take as long as you like to finish the course, and take as many breaks as you need throughout.

Fundraising is optional, but when you register to participate in Stadium Stomp we encourage you to set up a personal page to raise money for a charity of your choice.

To register, head to the Stadium Stomp website here. Once you register, you’ll be sent the five-week training program and can get working out like us! Over the next few days we’ll be uploading a vlog of our progress from the first week of the challenge, so keep an eye on our website and socials.

We’ve chosen to support the Leukaemia Foundation throughout our Stadium Stomp journey, and would love it if you could donate a small amount to the cause. See you all at Adelaide Oval on Sunday the 9th of July!

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