Eat Life Up with Moro

Moro is the number one Spanish olive oil brand in Australia, making it’s name synonymous with home cooking and a staple in many family pantries. Last week Moro Olive Oil jumped on the Mad March bandwagon and set up a pop up restaurant in the Prince Henry Gardens.


Chef Miguel Maestre

With Celebrity Chef Miguel Maestre (Channel 10’s The Living Room) at the helm were pretty excited for the cooking demonstration and the taste testing to follow! The first dish Maestre prepared was Tortilla de Patatas, a Spanish omelette made with potatoes on onions. The dish, whilst being incredibly simple, really highlighted the importance of using good quality olive oil.


Tortilla de Patatas

We were treated to samples of the omelette in small burger buns. For a dish with very few ingredients, it really packed a flavour punch. The eggs were light and fluffy, the potato perfectly soft but not falling apart and the onions gloriously caramelised. It was not dripping in olive oil but the flavour was most definitely there. The dish can be served anyway you choose, however between 2 pieces of bread was a winner for us (does anything not work with bread?).

Throughout the demo we were also treated to some serious olive oil education, like did you know that extra virgin olive oil has a burning point of 200 degrees?.


Balsamic vinegar and bread

Miguel is a showman in his own right and whilst being educational the demo was also very entertaining. He really got the crowd engaged and involved in the process. He even engaged some hecklers that were in the audience by cracking jokes. It is no wonder that he has reached this level of notoriety; he exudes a wonderful light-heartedness that really epidermises what eating a cooking should be about.

Photography by Jaimie Halliday and Anthony Reninger

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